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Coding Projects with confirmed mentors

Continuous Integration for biological applications inside Debian

Description of the project: The Debian Med project has packaged a lot of applications for bioinformatics. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Outreachy students did a great job in adding autopkgtests to several packages. This is considered a big step for Continuous Integration for applications in bioinformatics. Due to the great success and the very positive response of the students a continuation of this effort to cover even more applications with sensible test suites should be done. It has turned out that it can be an extra challenge to debug and fix programs where the previously written tests have failed.

  • Confirmed Mentor: Andreas Tille

  • How to contact the mentor:

  • Confirmed co-mentors:

  • Deliverables of the project: Enhanced packages for bioinformatics covering whole workflows of users as best as possible

  • Desirable skills: The student should have a background in bioinformatics. Debian packaging skills are an extra plus but can be taught in the project run.

  • What the intern will learn: Detailed insight into the bioinformatic tools inside Debian, Comparing and benchmarking biotools, Debian packaging skills, Optimising bioinformatics and other scientific tools

  • Application tasks: Pick one of these bugs 909706, 909707, 909708, 909709, 909710, 909711, 909713, 909714, 909715, 909716 or 909717 and try fixing it - asking the mentor for help is fine. This is on one hand proof that the students is able to understand Debian packaging and understands bioinformatics at a sufficient level

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Derivatives integration

Description of the project: Debian is famously the base of many other distributions, including popular ones such as Ubuntu. This project aims at reviving and improving existing integration of derivatives into Debian's community and infrastructure. Information about derivatives is collected in the census and processed for integration into various parts of the Debian infrastructure. In addition, derivatives are informed about important changes and events within the Debian in order to build awareness of and integration with the Debian community. The processing is currently offline due to some blocking issues so the project will be to resolve them, improve the service and its integration as well as work on and improve the community building aspects.

  • Outreachy project page:

  • Confirmed Mentor: Paul Wise

  • How to contact the mentor: or pabs on the #debian-derivatives IRC channel

  • Confirmed co-mentors: Raju Devidas

  • How to contact the co-mentor: or libregeekingkid on the #debian-derivatives IRC channel

  • Deliverables of the project: The deliverables of this project will be that the issues blocking the derivatives census service will be resolved, it will be running again, the scope of the service will be increased, further integrations with Debian infrastructure will be implemented and community building work will be done. Specific tasks that are suggested to be worked on are listed below in the "Project tasks" item.

  • Desirable skills: attention to detail, communication skills and experience with or willingness to learn some git, Python, Django, SQL, Shell, Make and Perl would be helpful to prospective applicants.

  • What the intern will learn:

    • wrangling and integration of disparate data sources
    • how Debian source packages are constructed and compared
    • how Debian apt repositories are constructed and inspected
    • internals and APIs of the Debian wayback machine

    • an overview of the main parts of the Debian development infrastructure
    • an overview of the kinds of Debian derivatives that exist
    • ways the Debian community communicates with itself
    • one of the ways community building happens in Debian
  • Application tasks: Please co-ordinate each of these with the mentors to avoid applicants duplicating tasks, complete most of the task categories at least once and at most three times

    • invite one derivative from the lists to the census that is not yet present and hasn't been invited recently. Please also search the list archives for discussions about your chosen derivative and co-ordinate with the mentors so that duplicate invites are not sent and any other issues can be discussed.

    • pick a derivative already in the census, run the census codebase for that derivative, fix one or two easy issues (either error output or contents of the check-* files) and or communicate with one page maintainer about issues that are not easy to fix

    • look at the FIXME items in the census codebase and create/submit a fix for one

    • add one idea for further integrating derivatives info into Debian infrastructure

    • read through the census template and discuss with the mentors any possible additions

  • Related projects:

  • Project tasks:
    • The blockers include:
      • designing/implementing a replacement option for subscribing to the census processing output.
      • crafting/discussing/implementing a policy for expiring/removing source packages and corresponding patches.
    • Other integration tasks include:
    • Other social tasks include:
      • Notifying derivatives about events within Debian
      • Inviting derivatives found through Distrowatch/etc
      • Welcoming derivatives recently added to the census
      • Reconnecting derivatives to the census (some pages have no maintainer)
      • Annual pings of possibly-inactive derivatives
    • Other tasks include:
      • Maintenance of census wiki pages as errors occur
      • Completing the FIXMEs within the census codebase

      • Porting compare-source-package-list to the snapshot API

      • Switch from faking out SecureApt to verifying repositories using their OpenPGP keys

      • Add checks that the OpenPGP keys are secure and not expired
      • Update apt repository checks against the format documentation

      • Optimise disk space usage via compressed apt indexes and investigate performance impact
      • Compress patches on-disk and configure Apache to send compressed files when possible and decompress when not possible
      • Add Facebook to RSS translation
      • Save URLs to
      • Add monitoring for each of the lists for new and newly inactive derivatives

      • Compare census status field with distrowatch status & wikipedia discontinued fields

      • Detect inactive websites using DUCK

      • Icons and descriptions in the census output
      • Check for issues in the reprepro config (duplicate/obsolete suites etc)
      • Other TODO items

Non-Coding Projects with confirmed mentors (Outreachy)