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Outreachy poster

Debian is participating in the 12th Round of Outreachy.


Debian has been encouraging women to increase their engagement in the free software community for many years. We strongly believe this is a win-win situation for women (who open up new opportunities for themselves through community networking) and the wider free software movement (who benefit from the untapped potential of talented female developers). Statistics show that although we have increased the number of women participants, we still have plenty of room to grow. With this initiative we hope more women will see opportunities to become involved in the Debian project.

Thanks to the efforts of the program organizers, Outreachy has now been expanded to other underrepresented groups in the Free Software community, which is perfectly in line with Debian's Diversity Statement

For whom

From The main program page


February 16

application period opens

February 16

Applications accepted at

February 16 - March 22

applicants need to get in touch with at least one project and make a contribution to it

March 22

application deadline at 7pm UTC

April 22

accepted participants announced on

May 27 - August 27

internship period

What to do

  1. Choose a project

  2. Make a small contribution.
    • Once you have chosen your project, contact its corresponding mentor and ask him/her what small contribution related to the project you could do.
  3. Submit your application on the Outreachy website:

  4. Make sure you notify us that you have done so : email <outreach AT debian DOT org> and the mentors for your project with a link to your application

Please, read more about this program here: and


NOTE: in the May-August session the projects are listed on the Google Summer of Code Projects page; you are welcome to apply for Outreachy with any of the project ideas listed on that page.

We ask all Outreachy applicants who are students and coders to also apply for Google Summer of Code. You can apply for both programs with the same project proposal. The program administrators will coordinate the selection process to ensure that we accept the top applicants through one of the programs.

Where to start

Debian is a huge project, so we have created a welcoming atmosphere:

Coordinators of the program:


See ?Applications