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Debian is participating in the December 2023 round of Outreachy. We are looking for two interns and more can potentially be supported from central funds.


Debian is dedicated to increasing the diversity of contributors to the project and improving the inclusivity of the project. We strongly believe working towards these goals provides benefits both for people from backgrounds that are currently under-represented in free software, and for the wider movement, by increasing the range of skills, experiences and viewpoints contributing to it.

Statistics (a bit outdated) shows that although we have increased the diversity of participants, we still have plenty of room to grow. With this initiative we hope more people will see opportunities to become involved in the Debian project.

Thanks to the efforts of the program organizers, Outreachy has now been expanded to other under-represented groups in the Free Software community, which is perfectly in line with Debian's Diversity Statement.

Guidelines for Outreachy Projects in Debian

Our mentors are required to provide prospective students with some small (i.e. that can be accomplished in at most a few hours) task related to the proposed project. This will help both the mentor and student decide if they are a suitable match for each other and the project. In the case that the Debian Outreachy team has to rank projects, the results of this small task will also help give confidence in a project-mentor-student matchup.

The proposed project should also follow some rules:

How to

mentor (or co-mentor) a project in Debian?

Come see us on IRC or on the mailing-list mentioned below.

A practical mentoring guide can be found here.

Sign up to be a mentor on the Outreachy community page before submitting your project proposals.

Submit your proposals on the Outreachy Debian page

participate as intern?

Outreachy expressly invites applicants who are women (both cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people to apply. We also expressly invite applications who are residents and nationals of the United States of America of any gender who are Black/African American, Hispanic/Latin@, Native American/American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander. Anyone who faces systemic bias or discrimination in the technology industry of their country is invited to apply.

Read more details in


  1. Choose a project:
  2. Make a small contribution.
    • Once you have chosen your project, contact its corresponding mentor and ask him/her what small contribution related to the project you could do.
  3. Submit your application on the Outreachy website:

  4. Make sure you notify us that you have done so : email <outreach AT debian DOT org> and the mentors for your project with a link to your application

Please, read more about this program here:

How to communicate with us

Debian is a huge project, so we have created a welcoming atmosphere:

Outreachy Debian Administrators


IRC nick

Pranav Jain


Jaminy Prabaharan


Sruthi Chandran


Abhijith P A


Antonio Terceiro


Lucas Kanashiro


Outreachy Mentor Guide

Outreachy Applicant Guide

Outreachy Schedule

Outreachy Internship Guide

Outreachy Eligibility

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