In the project of “Improving free financial software packages”, I prefer the subproject “Using a format such as cXML to exchange invoices between two of the open source accounting programs.”, because cXML allows buyers, suppliers, aggregators, and intermediaries to communicate using a single, standard, open language. After searching and studying about cXML and its powerful protocol interface, I am interested in using this useful protocol to connect two or more open source commercial accounting program together and I think this would be an attractive programming experience. I think the process of implementing this subproject consists of these steps: 1- With the respect to facilities that cXML provides for us in standardizing the exchange of catalog content and to define request/response processes for secure electronic transactions over the Internet, I will derive these facilities and define a proper format to use as a interface between two open source commercial accounting program. 2- Studying and categorizing of free open source commercial accounting programs that have been implemented c/c++ or python languages and have the ability to add features or parser of this common interface that have been chose and implemented in the first step. 3- I try to implement cXML Punchout catalog in prepared format that was implemented in previous step.

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