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Here you have the list of '''non-coding projects''' offered in [[OutreachProgramForWomen]]. If you are interested in coding projects, please visit [[OutreachProgramForWomen/CodingProjects]]

= Project template =
All the project descriptions should follow the following template.
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== Title of the project ==

 * '''Description of the project:''' At least 8-10 lines describing what the project is about; it is really important to have a good description if you want to attract applicants who are interested by the idea. This does not need to be a very technical description, but something that stirs interest and is complete enough to allow an applicant to judge whether she wants to work on the particular project or not. It does not need to be a complete road map either and does not need to explain all the tiny details and whatnot -- the mentor can tell that to interested applicants, or they can work out the exact details together.

 * '''Confirmed Mentor''': Name of the mentor
 * '''How to contact the mentor:''' (mail, IRC, etc)
 * '''Confirmed co-mentors:''' It is ''not'' compulsory to have co-mentors, but it is a good idea. Secondary mentors do not need to be as knowledgeable as the first one in the project, but they should be available to help the intern if she is stuck and the main mentor is busy / not available.
 * '''Deliverables of the project''':
 * '''Desirable skills''': Skills that the applicant has or is willing to develop. Remember, the applicants do not have as much experience as the mentor.
 * '''What the intern will learn:''' At least 2-3 lines telling the applicants the skills they develop and how they will improve Debian. Do not focus on the technologies, rather use something that could motivate the prospective applicant to take your project.


= Non-coding Projects =

== Writing/Improving Debbugs documentation (tentative) ==

 * Details TBD
 * '''Confirmed Mentor''':
 * '''How to contact the mentor:'''
 * '''Confirmed co-mentors:'''
 * '''Deliverables of the project''':
 * '''Desirable skills''':
 * '''What the intern will learn:'''


The information on this page has been merged to OutreachProgramForWomen.