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 * [[OutreachProgramForWomen/sophiejjj]]  * [[OutreachProgramForWomen/sophiejjj]|sophiejjj]

For your application to be considered by Debian, you must:

  1. Submit and maintain your complete application on this Wiki. Enter your name without spaces and press the button to create your application:

  2. Add a link to your proposal under the appropriate project listed below. Feel free to add another project (your own for example) if it is not in the list.

  3. Email opw@debian.org with a link to your application to inform us that your application has been submitted

  4. You need to formally apply through the GNOME portal, at https://opw.gnome.org/, before October 22.


Debsources Improvement

  • Akshita Jha

  • [[OutreachProgramForWomen/sophiejjj]|sophiejjj]

Moving reproducible builds forward

  • add you name here…