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 * Synchronize page [:SyncJob: Synchronize Job Page]

Osamu Aoki's Wiki contents for users

  • Japanese environment[:JapaneseEnvironmentE: (English)] [:JapaneseEnvironment: (日本語)]

  • Method to edit non-UTF-8 encoded text files under UTF-8 vim [:UTF8vimE: (English)] [:UTF8vim: (日本語)]
  • [:DebianReference: Debian Reference (rewrite)]

  • [:MacBookJp: MacBook Japanese]

    • Memo for installing Debian to Intel MacBook with Japanese keyboard

  • [:DebianServiceForDD: Debian Service for DD]
    • Not done yet, work stalled.

Important links for my interest

  • Synchronize page [:?SyncJob: Synchronize Job Page]

I am interested in several projects, especially UTF-8 transition. Here are the links.

Important links for my packages and their maintenance

I have been working on several projects. Here are the links.

Osamu Aoki