Parents and educators should be aware about what kind of games their children play without needing to be gamers themselves. The system shall provide a way of knowing whether a game includes sex, violence, sexism, etc.

The idea is to provide a way of classifying games, and maybe some other kind of software, so that parents can know in advance whether the game involves stuff they don't want their children to get involved with, and being able to use that information to decide which games they want their children to play, or even what games they want to play themselves.

It is also intended to add information about the positive things some games can add to the development of the children, and people in general.

Description of the project

The technical part will rely on ?DebTags, and will implement a classification of the stuff that some parents and educators won't consider appropriate for their children (violence, sex, sexism, drugs, religious matters, ...). The idea is not to provide a moral classification of what is good or bad, but to inform the parents and teachers about it, and let them decide.

The system also intends to be as multicultural as possible.

Mailing List

We will be using the DebTags development mailing list for coordination, and the wiki pages under ?OpenRating/ for handling whatever documentation we might generate.