This page contains details about the port of Debian to the OpenRISC/or1k architecture.

What is OpenRISC?

OpenRISC is an Open Source CPU that brings to the world of hardware all the same advantages that Open Source software has known for so long.

One way of using OpenRISC is to take the OpenRISC source code and synthesize it to an FPGA. Using this setup you can modify the CPU as well as the software running on it.

These pages primarily target the Linux on OpenRISC use-case and aim to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible. Feedback on these pages and questions not answered here should be directed to the mailing list or vented on #openrisc at freenode.

Current Status

Last updated: 2016-02-11


Supported Boards

All boards supported by ORPSoC are supported.

The list below are boards that have been tested with Debian.



Atlys board


DE0 Nano

In progress


The OpenRISC project is community-driven with most of the action on IRC at Freenode (#openrisc) and on our mailing lists.



On #openrisc at freenode, you’ll find the friendly and always inviting group of OpenRISC developers. Join us there!

Mailing List

Discussion about Linux on the OpenRISC architecture happens on our mailing lists on