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/!\ Since Wheezy, LibreOffice replaced OpenOffice. is a freely available cross-platform office suite similar to rival Microsoft(R) Office, with good support for .doc, .xml and other formats. is a complete office suite including a word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation and drawing modules. It is capable of opening most Microsoft Office documents.

How to install is part of the default Debian desktop system but if you need to you can install it manually using the following packages:

To install, do the following:

aptitude update
aptitude install

Java Environment

Some components don't work fine with the default Java Environment provided by the Free Software Foundation. For example, inserting audio files into doesn't work. (created by Sun Microsystems) recommends using Sun Java Runtime. This package is provided by Debian/Etch, but doesn't depend on it. So you must install and configure it manually:

Extending functionalities

Extend by installing these packages (information from the package web site):

Fixing Interoperability Problems

See Substituting Calibri and Cambria Fonts. in Debian is maintained by a team

Team maintenance is co-ordinated using


Debug: Get a backtrace

Debugging symbols are packaged in Please refer to HowToGetABacktrace for further information. To get going with gdb please run the following commands.

 $ gdb /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice.bin

Read HowToGetABacktrace on how to proceed.

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