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  * [[https://github.com/raowen/conlog|conlog]] - tmux based IPMI serial-over-lan logging program   * [[https://github.com/raowen/conlog/wiki|conlog]] - tmux based IPMI serial-over-lan logging program

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Remote Management with OpenIPMI

IPMI means Intelligent Platform Management Interface. This is integrated on a BMC and it's independant form the OS. You can use IPMI to remotely control you server, Example: Power up/down for emergency, monitoring, serial console over LAN...

OpenIPMI is an Open Source implementation of the IPMI standard.

Client Installation

apt-get install ipmitool

Tools to help manage IPMI hosts

In the days of serial consoles one had serial console servers which could provide inband and out of band access to a server console and also provide logging of all console messages and console access.

There are a few opensource tools which can do something simmilar for IPMI SOL consoles:

  • conlog - tmux based IPMI serial-over-lan logging program