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Omar Campagne

Email: <ocampagne AT gmail DOT com>

Just started to contribute at DebianWiki, and my goal is, at least, to have the main portals and useful pages translated, set a base for the Spanish language :) I'm also starting on debian-es and gnome-es

IRC: LetoPoole, elric27, irc@freenode.net

Debian Activities

Bugs I opened from:ocampagne@gmail.com



Things done at wiki.debian.org (not in detail). This is basically here for you to complain under the "Comments" section. Don't be shy :):

Updated and/or corrected



Hello, Impressive work, thank you.

BTW, the page "HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax" is part of the documentation provided by moinmoin upstream. If you want to improve the translation, the best way is to improve it upstream. see http://master19.moinmo.in/