Omar Jair Purata Funes (VentGrey)

Homepage: Email: <> IRC: ?VentGrey, mostly on freenode #debian channel.

Currently a University Student, Non-Debian Developer (aiming to be one) but a new-contributor to the Debian project, I mostly dedicate to translate articles, both in Debian Wiki and other small F.O.S.S projects. Im most of the time in the IRC and a messaging application named "Telegram" helping and orienting newcomers on how to Install, fix or configure Debian.

One of my short term goals is primarily based on a line that the current DPL said:

"We also do a poor job accommodating users unfamiliar with Debian. Our support channels are replete with elementary queries such as enquiring which distribution is appropriate for their needs, or even how to perform a basic installation requiring non-free wireless drivers."-Chris Lamb

My current objectives are:

-Writing wiki translations so more users can get to understand basic/advanced proceudres to install or configure any piece of software Debian might offer.

-To (locally)instruct and help newcomers on their Debian installs, helping them on basic problems they might have. For any kind of contact my mail is here on this wiki page, don't hesitate to say hi! :)