A number of members of Debian's testing security team, and (of course) a key member of the stable security team will be attending the Oldenburg developer's meeting this September (21st to 25th).

Since the testing security team has been hoping to get together in person sometime and would also like to meet with Debian's established security team to find ways to work together better and learn from them, this seems like a good opportunity to do that. (We had also hoped to meet with some members of Ubuntu's security team for similar reasons, but unfortunatly none of them expect to be able to attend.)

Some goals for the meeting include:

Please add your ideas/plans above so we can put together an agenda for the meeting.

Please see this page if you plan to attend: http://meeting.ffis.de/Oldenburg2005/0th-announce.html Also, limited travel funding may be available for those in need. Contact Andreas Schuldei to apply.

Who's coming (edit yourself or mail JoeyHess for addition):