Old Bat On a Rat

Greetings All...

I am new to Debian, though I first managed to force Suse 5.? into my trundling 486 sometime during the early 90's... Can't remember much, other than I got even the sound and also the modem to work (long before Plug and Pray, IRQ was hard-set using jumpers)... I seem to recall alot of RTFM, a crowbar and KY jelly.

I'm a disabled middle-aged single mom; in euphemistic terms I'm "Mentally Skilled" and blessed with "Cognitive Anomalies" ;-) My last client (wireless security at a law firm) dubbed me the "Lunatic Savant". Sadly, the impairment scorched my melon ending a fascinating gig -- fortunately without ill feelings.

So, you have here a part time volunteer -- and TOTALLY jazzed to see a WOMEN'S community for this remarkable OS that so meticulously reflects my personal value system! It would be inethical to offer a full time commitment to volunteer, as my abilities vary on whims of their own :-( And, I am new to Debian, hence unable to offer experienced comment. I could at best be relied upon for small tasks I could complete in a short time.

However, I *AM* reasonably able to parse a sentence in English. Though my backgroud was in Engineering, I'm best at writing. The Power, Flexibility, and above all totally FREE aspects of Debian are a honey-pot to creative minds. If there are ways I can contribute, please don't hesitate to let me know.


Bobbie C in TN

PS -- I perused the mailing list, and decided on the wiki as a venue to enquire, it seemed more appropriate (moderated <g>)

Email: <bobby AT SPAMFREE candlish DOT net>