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Many [[https://wiki.debian.org/PDF#PDF_Viewers_.2F_Readers|PDF-Viewer]] are packaged in Debian. Many [[PDF#PDF_Viewers_.2F_Readers|PDF-Viewer]] are packaged in Debian.
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 * Libreplan (not in Debian yet: ITP #810650  * Libreplan (not in Debian yet: ITP #810650)

Translation(s): Deutsch - English - Français - العربية - Italiano - 日本語 (Nihongo) - Svenska - Русский - 简体中文

(!) ?Discussion

http://www.debian.org/logos/openlogo-nd-50.png http://www.debian.org/Pics/debian.png

Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome to Debian Office Software portal

Portal/IDB/icon-office-32x32.png This portal talk about office softwares. Technical words can be used but explained. It will be expanded to show which software can be used in business and public and private services.



Word processor


Multimedia presentations

Drawing tools, graphics and diagrams

DTP, Photography software

Commandline tools and helpers

Mail, Calendar, contact



PDF Viewer

Many PDF-Viewer are packaged in Debian.

Project Management

  • planner

  • tj3

  • Libreplan (not in Debian yet: ITP #810650)

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