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This wiki page is the central point for information about the Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan at Debian. OSPP is an GSoC-like student outreach project, and this page shares many parts from the GSoC wiki page.

Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan (hereinafter referred to as summer 2021) is a summer activity for college students hosted by Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences. It aims to encourage college students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software and promote the vigorous development of excellent open source software community. We will cooperate with major open source communities to provide projects for the development and maintenance of important open source software, and will open enrollment to college students around the world.

Debian is planning to apply as mentoring organization for 2021! We want to make the experience even more exciting and fulfilling this year for the students, the mentors and the whole Debian community this year, so please join us!

Guidelines for OSPP Projects in Debian

Our mentors are required to provide prospective students with some small (i.e. that can be accomplished in at most a few hours) task related to the proposed project. This will help both the mentor and student decide if they are a suitable match for each other and the project. In the case that the Debian outreach team has to rank projects, the results of this small task will also help give confidence in a project-mentor-student matchup.

The proposed project should also follow some rules:

How to

mentor (or co-mentor) a project in Debian?

Come see us on IRC or on the mailing-list mentioned below.

A practical mentoring guide can be found here.

Submit your project proposals at: Projects.

Some notes

participate as student?

The list of proposed projects is available at: Projects.

Be sure you are eligible; check Student FAQ. Familiarize yourself with the communication tools of Debian:

Join the communication channels of the teams or persons involved with the subject you would like to work on and discuss it. Don't be afraid to suggest seemingly unfeasible or vague ideas, we'll help you and give you suggestions. If you're lost (or even not!), drop in the communication channels of the Summer of Code team mentioned below. Remember that early preparation is a guarantee that your proposal will be better!

There is some interesting introductory documentation on this wiki about what Debian is and what Debian is for a developer.

How to communicate with us

Debian is a huge project, so we have created a welcoming atmosphere:

We use the following mailing list: All students and mentors are welcome to subscribe.

OSPP Debian Administrators


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Aron Xu


Yunqiang Su


Mo Zhou


Student Guide

Mentor Guide

Project Timeline

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Other paid internships and mentor opportunities are available.