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Nvidia-xrun: A utility to run a separate X server with discrete Nvidia graphics with full performance.

From the README:

As the Arch Wiki puts it:

Nvidia-xrun has not yet been packaged for Debian, but it can be used with some manual work and modification; this page explains the procedure for doing so (at least on Bullseye / Sid, on amd64).

To use nvidia-xrun, ensure that all appropriate Nvidia kernel modules are loaded (e.g., nvidia, nvidia_modeset, nvidia_uvm, nvidia_drm), then switch to an open virtual terminal and run nvidia-xrun some_command, where some_command is either the name of the program to be run using the Nvidia card (e.g., nvidia-xrun glxgears), or a window manager like Openbox (e.g., nvidia-xrun openbox-session), from which other programs can be run.

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