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NVIDIA Proprietary Driver: Configuration

This page describes additional configuration and settings relating to the NVIDIA proprietary display driver.


It is possible to create an Xorg server configuration file using the nvidia-settings GUI:

# nvidia-settings

Select "X Server Display Configuration", click "Reset" and then setup your monitors. Use TwinView for dual display. Click "Save To X Configuration File", but make sure you remove the checkbox for "Merge with existing file". Then restart your PC.


The driver options below can be included for increased performance:


Iceweasel / Icedove

Use the following commands to determine the current values of InitialPixmapPlacement and GlyphCache:

$ nvidia-settings -q InitialPixmapPlacement
$ nvidia-settings -q GlyphCache

If different values are reported, these commands can be added to ~/.xsession for improving application performance:

nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2
nvidia-settings -a GlyphCache=1

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