The puropose of this page is to summarise a discussion which started as a subthread of a long discussion about non-free files present in a package in the main archive.

The question is wether it would be acceptable to accept orig.tar.gz files containing some non-DFSG files if the resulting binary package prepared for main would only contain free files.


Some free software are accompanied by non-programmatic files whose licenses are not free according to the DFSG. In many cases it is non-modifiable documentation or logos. The current approach is that the Debian Developper downloads the archive file containing the sources privately, removes the non-free files, and uploads a Debian source package with a modified original source (.orig.tar.gz) file.

It has been proposed to keep the original sources instead, and to exclude the non-free material at build time instead of upload time.

Similarities between the approaches

Discussion of the current approach

Discussion of the proposed approach