{{{Title: Clarifying policies and workflows for Non Maintainer Uploads (NMUs) DEP: FIXME State: DRAFT Date: 2008-02-12 Drivers: Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@debian.org>,

URL: http://wiki.debian.org/NmuDep Abstract:

Introduction and Motivation

In Debian, each package is "owned" by its maintainer, or by a small group of maintainers, in the case of team maintenance. Modifying the package requires going through those developers, which sometimes add a long, unecessary delay, especially in the case of inactive or busy maintainers.

Non-maintainer uploads (NMUs) alleviate this problem, by allowing any developer to upload a new version of another maintainer's package. However:

  1. NMUs are often received with angry comments from maintainers
  2. Rules that have to be followed for NMUs are not very clear, so many developers prefer not to do NMUs.

This Debian Enhancement Proposal has two goals:

  1. improve section 5.11 of the Developer's Reference, to clarify it and address the current issues about NMUs
  2. improve related tools, like the nmudiff script in the devscripts package.

Proposed section 5.11: Non-Maintainer Uploads (NMUs)

short intro, describing what NMUs are, and in which case people do that. We should mention that it's possible to do NMUs for all bugs (you just have to follow to normal NMU rules). People often think that NMUs are only for RC bugs.

5.11.1 How to do an NMU

Describe the general process for NMU, without going into technical details (such as DELAYED/, versioning, etc) NMUs and debian/changelog

Mention the versioning issue (there's an open bug against devref about that, but the discussion is inconclusive. Do we want to address that as well?)

Mention the specific changelog entry Using the DELAYED/ queue

explain how to use the DELAYED/ queue to make it easier to do NMUs. Relaxed NMU policy

describe what they are, and how to apply them. We should have a list of things to consider when deciding between DELAYED/2,7,etc...)

5.11.2 NMUs, from the maintainer point of view

blurb about how NMUs are nice, and you shouldn't complain

describe how to ACK an NMU (include the relevant changelog entry so BTS versioning gets it right)

describe how the BTS reacts to NMUs (and compare with how it reacted in the past)

5.11.3 Source NMUs vs Binary NMUs (binNMUs)

explain the difference.

5.11.4 NMus vs QA uploads

very short blurb about how to do QA uploads.

nmudiff improvements

propose new wording for the default template to make it more friendly