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After 14 months of development was released a new version of Debian operating system (code named Squeeze). This system includes a desktop and KDE Plasma Desktop and Applications
As I know Debiant is a wonderful operating system which actually can be used on a huge variety of hardware, something like laptops, computers, desktops, phones and other devices. It is known for a great amount of options.
           The Debian operating system includes such common programs as image viewers and editors, and PDF viewers, also CD/DVD writing programs, music and video players.
 I can give you some ideas on this type of operating system or write you essays using my deep knowledge on this subject.
Besides, developers reported that in Debian 6 was implemented free kernel Linux where there are no problem files of firm wares. All were made in separate packages and taken away from the main archive into not free part which will not be connected by default.
This way, all Debian users have the unique opportunity to work in this program, but can also use not free firm wares.
Also in this new edition has been updated a different software and included new packages such as browser Chromium, the monitoring system Icinga, a wrapper for the package management Software Center and so on.
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