This page lists goals for the Nginx package in Debian 7.0 "Wheezy".

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Nginx 1.2 and the 1.1.x series

As regarding on the roadmap, nginx 1.2 will be the first stable release after the 1.1.x series. It's scheduled for mid-april. This makes it a valid candidate for inclusion into Debian Wheezy.

The 1.1.17 was scheduled to be the first 1.1.x stable, but due to a security issue found, it was a bug fix and security release. Then, the roadmap changed and 1.1.18 will a bugfix before 1.2. So apparently, the 1.1 series won't become "stable", and 1.2 will be the stable.

If this situation remains, the 1.2 serie will be for wheezy, and the new 1.3 serie will be for Wheezy+1 (first in experimental). (Cyril)

I'd like to plan for this as well. I think we should make sure that the latest stable Nginx and latest stable Debian line up as closely as possible at release time. (Michael)


New modules

Other Ideas


If no big issue reported, I plan to propose the 1.1.14 to Squeeze-Backports (around mid February), and then the 1.1.17 around the end of March. (Cyril)

May 8th 2012 Update : Nginx 1.2.0 will also be in the Squeeze-Backports.