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This page aims to describe the workflow for translation of announcements and press release.

/!\ Please note that all material provided to the publicity repository (i.e. your contributions) will be published on the Debian website under the terms of the MIT (Expat) or GPL2+ licences

The publicity repository

The draft of press releases and announcements can be usually found on the publicity repository on alioth.

This is also where you'll send your translations if want to work on it *before* its publication: if you want to translate an announcement already released, you'll need to work on the webwml repository which is under the umbrella of the WWW team. In this case, please read their documentation.

The publicity repository is organized in two main sections: /announcements/ and /dpn/. In the first one you'll find the draft of press releases: the english ones are in /announcement/en/$year/ for the announcement with a fixed deadline and /announcement/en/drafts/ for the ones without a publication date.

In /dpn/ you'll find the various issue of Debian Project News, if you want to translate it you can check this wiki page.

Accessing the repository

Before accessing the subversion repository, you might want to read ?Setting up SSH the first time to use the subversion repository on alioth more conveniently.

Now you're ready to checkout:

Getting your translation published

The Debian press releases are published in three ways:

To get your translation published on Debian's website, it will need to be added to the CVS repository. If you manage to translate that before the deadline, the person who will publish the english version will take care of adding also your translation to the website: you'll just need to add the tag [ready] in the first line of the file. If the translation is not ready for the deadline, you (or who on your l10n team have write access on the website) will need to commit it directly to the website. See for more details about that.

To send your translation out as e-mail on one of our user mailing lists, note that the debian-news-language lists are moderated, so please get in contact with the respective moderators / your translation team (e.g. via the debian-l10n-language lists). If there's no debian-news-language list for your language, but a debian-user-language list, you may send your translation to that list (depending on what the members of that list think about it).

Regardless of where you send it, you will find the script scripts/ quite handy: when your translation is available on the website, you can just run it, and it will create the text version for you.