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OS Infrastructure

Desktop and Laptop


Distributed Computing

Packages for Condor, CCTools, and DMTCP have been added as an integrated solution for distributed high-throughput computing in local-, cluster-, grid-, or cloud-computing scenarios. This includes support for checkpoint and migration of unmodified executables and interpreter sessions (dmtcp). Various interfaces to use these facilities are provided. For example, makefile-like distributed parallelization (Makeflow), or a minimal ?GridEngine compatibility layer (condor_qsub). Other packages (e.g. NiPype) have been modified to work with this solution out-of-the-box.


(get in touch with debian-cloud for more info/references about this)

Deploy your own cloud using Debian

Use Debian on public clouds




Apache remains at version 2.2 in Wheezy due to problems with integration of mod-perl. However various changes of note have taken place.

Also the file /etc/apache2/conf.d/security suggests some commented out headers which modern browsers may honor to prevent certain types of abuse.


Debian Installer

Debian Pure Blends

The Debian subsets targeting at specific user groups which were formerly known as Custom Debian Distributions are now called Debian Pure Blends (in short Blends). New Blends featuring metapackages in Wheezy are : none yet

Debian Med

YaroslavHalchenko: In my opinion it is better to group and describe not by a team/blend per se but by field of endeavor. Individual package names would not make it into release notes anyways, but listing them here might help to quantify on how much coverage of any specific field got improved

New packages of specific importance

Debian Science

and the other sciences oriented Blends DebianMed and DebiChem started maintaining citation information that is displayed in the web sentinel and can be used in a BibTeX file.

FOSS solutions for various fields of science got vastly improved coverage

with new software addressing miscelaneous computing demands

although not an explicit release goal -- many of the above packages enabled exercising of upstream's unittest batteries at build-time -- that greatly improved reliability and guaranteed performance of the scientific software in Debian.


New packages since squeeze:

No longer supported in Wheezy

Upgrade issues


DSO Linking Changed

Previously the linker used indirect dependent shared libraries to resolve symbols. That would hide various encapsulation violations. Now the linker does not use indirect shared libraries. See ToolChain/DSOLinking for details.

Debian Installer Preseed Changed

The preseed keymap options for the Debian Installer have changed. Previously console-keymaps-at/keymap=us set the keymap for an automated preseed. Now the option is keymap=us and the previous option is ignored.

getty now clears the vt tty screen

In the util-linux package getty has changed and it now clears the screen. This seems like a good thing on the surface. Then you discover that it destroys the boot time messages on vt1 including any errors that are on the screen at the time. To prevent this a new option --noclear has appeared. To restore the previous behavior change the getty line in /etc/inittab to include the --noclear option.

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