New Features and other interesting stuff in Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 "etch"

A list of more technical issues regarding the upgrade from Sarge to Etch is available at Sarge2EtchUpgrade. The [ Errata] page for the [ installer] may also be of interest to those who've installed Sarge and now want to try Etch.

internal changes

What changed between the release of Sarge and the upcoming release of Etch, which might be interesting for users, even if it didn't effect them directly.

New Features

New introduced Packages

(Just the most important ones.)

Updated Packages

(Just the most important ones.)

Note: A good way to obtain that information is by looking it up in Distrowatch: (it might not be totally updated, though)




Removed packages

(Might be mostly interesting for the release-notes? Some way to autogenerate such a list? ask tbm?)

Renamed and replaced packages

Split packages