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On the other hand, at four mo. old, I was already trying to die from ''Whooping Cough'', so what's it's problem? I (thankfully) failed at that (''but I might have helped create the vaccine; woohoo!''). On the other hand, at four mo. old, I was already trying to die from ''Whooping Cough'', so what's it's problem? I (thankfully) failed at that.

This page exists because another page I was looking at mentioned it, and it didn't then exist. Ah, then you're volunteering? Now I see DebianBuster mentions this page, so it's serving some purpose.

I wonder, if I mention ?WindowsSucks, does that mean someone has to create that page? I'd advise against, if asked. I digress. Please feel free to add to or edit this page including your experiences.

At four months old (for Buster) I just bit the bullet last night and upgraded my Stretch/stable to Buster/testing. I wanted to do it all correctly finally, and have my system doing Debian testing the way it was intended as it could, and should be done. I installed stretch in the days (week?) after it went stable, then (months later) the dist-upgrade to buster/testing, and it worked fine. Nothing broke. No debian-gotchas. :-)

However (and perhaps a good thing), I've not seen a lot of differences between stretch vs. buster (I should point out that's comparing stretch at its end as testing, and buster at its beginning as testing; pretty much equal). Everything I could do (that I've tried so far), I still can do, and it all works as it did in stretch. This release is about four months old (today is Oct. 14, 2017), so perhaps it's early to expect differences between the two. IRC (#debian on irc.oftc.net) predicts we're 1.5 a. from Buster/stable.

On the other hand, at four mo. old, I was already trying to die from Whooping Cough, so what's it's problem? I (thankfully) failed at that.


So, is anything in Buster new with respect to Stretch, aside from fixed bugs and security atrociousness? I suspect there's lots of changes between Stretch and Buster in the system's server daemons, but far less noticeable from the user interface point of view. I guess the devs may weigh in here sometime (presuming they care about this and care to notice this :-) ), when they understand what upstream's been up to lately.

  • Buster has a new linux kernel in it that appears to support Encrypted SMBv3 shares mounted via CIFS/SMB. This was verified by mounting a share from a Netapp on which Encrypted SMB3 was required. Buster was able to mount this fine owing to the newer kernel.
  • Thu., 29 Mar., 2018, drat & damnit! stellarium: Insufficient OpenGL version. Grr.

  • I've recently been told that my /etc/apt/sources.list in testing (buster) need only contain one line (possibly two; add a deb-src line if useful, and non-free on the end (of each) if you wish):

deb http://deb.debian.org/debian/ buster main contrib

Security fixes aren't really supported on testing (they're being tested there, silly :-) ) and backports are not a testing sort of thing; testing gets new stuff, to test! Even meltdown didn't cause testing's security repositories to be used.

  • Wed., 10 Jan., apt upgrade hung at 99%. Logging into another xterm or CTRL-C in original xterm did little, so I frobbed it and followed up with dpkg --configure -a, and it worked, and all is running sweet since. Curious. !@#$ happens, Debian recovers, Shootzy scores!

  • Sat. 16 Dec., seen this? kernel: [18046.426631] perf: interrupt took too long (6127 > 6121), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 32500 Well, apparently, it's nothing. I worried that it was sound on my box related; I was noticing slowness and thought this might be related and that I might help it be less confused. Nope, irrelevant to that situation; great! Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

  • Sun. 3 Dec., "apt upgrade" failed. In IRC (#debian-next on irc.oftc.net) I learned how to get it all fixed and happy again with "apt install gnustep-base-common", which was followed by a successful "apt update && apt upgrade". I don't know why (yet! :-) ) apt was failing in the update instead of just handling it automatically, but it's all fixed up now. "... from the time i mentioned it here to cleanly updated and upgraded: 25 min. i wonder how long that would have taken in ms and apple land. tres cool." Looking back over it now, that was a really fun episode. I learned a lot, and did a lot of stuff I've been holding off for a while.


I thought Stretch the best Linux and Debian I've ever used. Now Buster inherits that. I love the ride.

I probably ought to mumble something about Skynet here ...

Have fun!

New In Buster

  • AppArmor enabled by default (so far...)

  • Wayland by default with GNOME 3
  • Kernel new enough to support mounting SMBv3 encrypted shares