What's new in the Buster release?

/!\ Buster (Debian 10) is not released yet. This page is barely scratching the surface, and anything in the current buster (testing) release is subject to change. See the official (but still in-progress) buster release notes and buster issues/warnings for additional information.

New Features


Upgrade issues


So, is anything in Buster new with respect to Stretch, aside from fixed bugs and security atrociousness? I suspect there's lots of changes between Stretch and Buster in the system's server daemons, but far less noticeable from the user interface point of view. I guess the devs may weigh in here sometime (presuming they care about this and care to notice this :-) ), when they understand what upstream's been up to lately.

deb http://deb.debian.org/debian/ buster main contrib

Security fixes aren't really supported on testing (they're being tested there, silly :-) ) and backports are not a testing sort of thing; testing gets new stuff, to test! Even meltdown didn't cause testing's security repositories to be used.


I thought Stretch the best Linux and Debian I've ever used. Now Buster inherits that. I love the ride. Have fun!