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 * [:DHCP_Server:DHCP], DhcpConf
 * [:DatabaseServers:Database]
 * ["DHCP Server"], DhcpConf, ["DHCP Client"], ["DHCP Server"]
 * ["DatabaseServers"], DataBase, DebianNPDatabases, ["NP"]
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 * ["LDAP"], ["DebFrLDAP"] ''(in french)''
 * ["DebFrSVN"] ''(in french)''
 * ["DebFrCUPS"] ''(in french)''
 * ["DebFrMail"] ''(in french)'', ImapProxy,
 * ["DebFrNTP"] ''(in french)''
 * ["LDAP*"], ["DebFrLDAP"] ''(in french)'', LdapDn, NSSLDAPSetup, OpenLDAP
 * ["DebFrSVN"] ''(in french)'', SVN, SmallSVNAdministrationTutorial, SmallSVNTutorial, ConvertCVStosvn, cvsgui
 * ["DebFrCUPS"] ''(in french)'', CUPSDriver, ["CUPS"]
 * ["DebFrMail"] ''(in french)'', ImapProxy, HowtoSendWithEximThroughSSH, Postfix, PostfixAndSASL, EximNospam, GmailAndExim4, HowtoSendWithEximThroughSSH, PkgExim4, PkgExim4KnownBugsInSarge, PkgExim4UserFAQ, YahooAndExim4, EximNospam, sSMTP, DebianSpamAssassin
 * ["DebFrNTP"], DebFrNTPProtocole, DateTime, TaskTimeManagers, TimeZoneChanges

Translation(s): none

(!) [:/Discussion:Discussion]


http://www.debian.org/logos/openlogo-nd-50.png http://www.debian.org/Pics/debian.png

inline:Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome on ["Debian"] network management

inline:Portal/IDB/icon-network-32x32.png This portal talk about network configuration an how to configure network services. Technical language can be used

System configuration

Network services

  • ["?DebFrSamba"], ["DebFrSambaLDAP"], ["BuildingALinuxDomain"], ["?DebFrLaptopMultiNet"], ["?DebFrLaptopMultiNet"], ["SAMBAClientSetup"], ["SAMBAServerSetup"], ["SambaDcWithLdapBackend"]

  • [:RemoteDesktop: Remote desktop], ["HowtoRecordVNC"], ["VNCviewer"], ["Rdesktop"], ["freenx"]

  • [:ssh:SSH], ["sshFrench"]

  • ["DHCP Server"], ?DhcpConf, ["DHCP Client"], ["DHCP Server"]

  • ["DatabaseServers"], DataBase, DebianNPDatabases, ["NP"]

  • [:WebServers:Web server]

  • [:FTPServers:FTP Server]

  • ["LDAP*"], ["DebFrLDAP"] (in french), ?LdapDn, NSSLDAPSetup, OpenLDAP

  • ["DebFrSVN"] (in french), SVN, SmallSVNAdministrationTutorial, SmallSVNTutorial, ConvertCVStosvn, cvsgui

  • ["DebFrCUPS"] (in french), CUPSDriver, ["CUPS"]

  • ["?DebFrMail"] (in french), ImapProxy, HowtoSendWithEximThroughSSH, Postfix, PostfixAndSASL, ?EximNospam, ?GmailAndExim4, HowtoSendWithEximThroughSSH, PkgExim4, ?PkgExim4KnownBugsInSarge, PkgExim4UserFAQ, ?YahooAndExim4, ?EximNospam, sSMTP, DebianSpamAssassin

  • ["DebFrNTP"], DebFrNTPProtocole, DateTime, ?TaskTimeManagers, TimeZoneChanges

  • ["Network Monitoring"]

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