I created this page to serve as the base of a more sophisticated directory structure reference.

If I refer to FreedomBox that links to http://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox That's OK if that is what I intend, but if I want to make a copies of ?Roadmap and ?Requirements, work on them together and cross link them for some reason, the cross-link of the form ?../Roadmap would refer to ?NeoPhyte_Rep/Roadmap rather than ?FreedomBox/Roadmap, I could not test the use of the links as specified and they would not work until I replaced the existing pages.

Placing the copies at ?NeoPhyte_Rep/FreedomBox/Roadmap and ?NeoPhyte_Rep/FreedomBox/Requirements would allow ?../Roadmap in ?NeoPhyte_Rep/FreedomBox/Requirements to reach ?NeoPhyte_Rep/FreedomBox/Roadmap and then to reach ?FreedomBox/Roadmap when I replace ?FreedomBox/Requirements with ?NeoPhyte_Rep/FreedomBox/Requirements.

Or, at least, I hope that's how the MoinMoin wiki logic works.

If it does work that way, it will also allow others to easily compare the previous versions and their proposed replacements side by side in separate tabs or windows of their browsers, including the link functioning.