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When using Nautilus and navigating through directories, randomly Nautilus becomes very slow. A "Loading" appears. Sometime up to 60 seconds delay between each directly. Same issue when using Nautilus to create new files or new directories.

Temporary fix

For Debian Wheezy 7


  1. Using Terminal as Root, run the following command to remove the metadata storage
    • rm -rf /home/YOUR-USERNAME-HERE/.local/share/gvfs-metadata

      • Note: Where "YOUR-USERNAME-HERE" is the name of your user directory.
  2. Still using Terminal as Root, run the following command to kill "gvfsd-metadata" process
    • pkill gvfsd-metadata

  3. Wait a few seconds. Nautilus will be back to its normal speed. Note that this is just a temporary fix. After a while the bug will be back again, somehow "gvfsd-metadata storage folder get corrupted again and again.

Cause of the issue

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