Nate Bargmann

Debian user since September 1999 when I installed Slink and quickly chose to upgrade it to Potato which, if I recall, was in freeze prior to release on a Thinkpad 760ED. In mid-January 2000 I installed Slink on my main desktop which replaced a mongrel installation of Slackware '96 after its version of Sendmail decided to stop sending mail two weeks after Y2k. That installation of Slink was traceable through about 2010 on the various machines that served as my main desktop until I flirted with some other distributions and started fresh with a new installation some time later. These days my main desktop and laptop run Unstable, i386 and amd64 architectures respectively.

My goal is to give a bit back to Debian by sharing some things I've learned by adding them to the Wiki. I maintain two upstream projects that are included in Debian, Hamlib and Xdx.

Outside of software I am active in the amateur radio hobby using my callsign of N0NB. In the past I tinkered with some old motorcycles and some electronics.

Email: <>


IRC: N0NB, #ubuntu-hams #hamlib.

Debian Activities