See also Multistrap

Sometimes, packages need a little help to configure in a multistrap environment. ssl-cert requires a random device which can be prepared using mknod. From outside the chroot (top level directory), use:

mount -t proc /proc ./proc
mknod ./dev/random c 1 8
chmod 640 ./dev/random
chown 0:0 ./dev/random
mknod ./dev/urandom c 1 9
chmod 640 ./dev/urandom
chown 0:0 ./dev/urandom
mknod ./dev/null c 1 3
chmod 666 ./dev/null


mount -t proc /proc ./proc
mount -t sysfs /sys ./sys
mount udev -t devtmpfs /dev

Other files may also need to be copied in or created inside the chroot:


For other info on this, use the script with the --dry-run option. Example device_table.txt file packaged with multistrap. See also DeviceTableScripting

Then use the chroot setupscript in your multistrap configuration file:


This results in:

sysvinit: All runlevel operations denied by policy
invoke-rc.d: policy-rc.d denied execution of restart.