My name is Muammar, and I am a Venezuelan Debian Developer. I'm 30 years old. I have an European Master In Theoretical Chemistry And Computational Modeling. Now, I'm doing my PhD in L'Université Paul Sabatier III in Toulouse, FRANCE. I'm passionate about 4 things: Debian, Quantum Chemistry, playing the guitar and taking pictures.

I'm maintaining some packages into Debian. You can find my Debian Quality Assurance web page on the link I show below:

I am an active member of Debian Venezuela which is a group of Debian Developers and maintainers in my country.

I've also done QA work like sending ping-mails to maintainers in Work-Needing and Prospective Packages, fixing bad reports (e.g. bad short descriptions and any kind of mistake). I have given assistance and support to some maintainers who are newer than me, too.



You can find me in many Debian channels at OFTC under the nickname muammar.