For a better Mozilla-Debian integration go to Edit Preferences Advanced / System preferences and mark Use Preferences from System.

The place where mozilla is installed is usr/lib/mozilla/mozilla-bin/ and /usr/bin/mozilla

The user's profile is installed in


(i.e. /home/user/.mozilla/profile_name; where profile_name is the mozilla user's profile name).


The mozilla plug-in directory is generally /usr/local/mozilla/plugins

If installing plugins without ["root"] permissions, use


(i.e. /home/user/.mozilla/plugins ) instead of the plugins subdirectory where Mozilla is installed. You may have to create this directory first.

Mozilla Firefox also uses ~/.mozilla/plugins for this.

For a plug-in, you have to install a .so and .xpt file.

You can change the plug-ins to use the system default, going to Edit Preferences Advanced / Plug-in and script and editing it to indicate the folder where the program is.

See :

Adobe Acrobat

See how to install Adobe Acrobat in your system.

After installation, copy to your Mozilla plugins directory and ensure a copy of acroread is in your ["path"].

Flash player

See ["FlashPlayer"]


To enable the java plugin for Mozilla, install java (if nor really installed), open the java directory, open the plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/ directory and copy to the Mozilla/plugins directory. Go to Edit Preferences Advanced / Features and mark : "enable Java". Restart Mozilla.


Mozilla browser supports, at least, ?JavaScript version 1.3

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