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.pre # Configure file for ?MozPlugger 1.5 # Commands which are not installed on your system will not be used.

 video/mpeg: mpeg, mpg, mpe: MPEG animation
 video/x-mpeg: mpeg, mpg, mpe: MPEG animation
 video/x-mpeg2: mpv2, mp2ve: ["MPEG2"] animation
  • stream noisy ignore_errors: mplayer -really-quiet -nojoystick -nofs -wid $window -vo xv,x11 -ao esd,alsa9,oss,arts,null -zoom -osdlevel 0 -vc mpeg12 "$file" </dev></dev></dev></dev></dev></dev></dev></dev></dev></dev> /dev/audio

 audio/wav:wav: Microsoft wave file
 audio/x-wav:wav: Microsoft wave file
        controls: play "$file"
  • controls: wavplay -q "$file" controls noisy: bplay "$file" controls: splay "$file"

    nokill: xmms "$file"

            repeat noisy swallow(alsaplayer): alsaplayer -q "$file"

 image/sun-raster: rs: SUN raster image
 image/x-sun-raster: rs: SUN raster image
 image/x-rgb: rgb: RGB Image
 image/x-portable-pixmap: ppm: PPM Image
 image/x-portable-graymap: pgm: PGM Image
 image/x-portable-bitmap: pbm: PBM Image
 image/x-portable-anymap: pnm: PBM Image
 image/tiff: tiff,tif: TIFF image
 image/x-tiff: tiff,tif: TIFF image
  • repeat noisy swallow(gqview) fill: gqview -t "$file" repeat noisy swallow(xli) fill: xli -quiet "$file" repeat noisy swallow(xloadimage) fill: xloadimage -quiet "$file" : display -window $window -backdrop "$file"

 audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin: rpm: RealPlayer Plugin Metafile
 audio/x-pn-realaudio: ra,rm,ram: Realaudio-plugin resource locator
 audio/x-realaudio: ra,rm,ram: RealAudio file
 application/vnd.rn-realmedia: rm: RealMedia file
 application/smil: smi: RealPlayer
 audio/vnd.rn-realaudio: ra,ram: RealAudio file
 audio/vnd.rn-realvideo: rv: RealVideo file
        nokill stream: realplay "$file"

 application/pdf: pdf: PDF file
 application/x-pdf: pdf: PDF file
 text/pdf: pdf: PDF file
 text/x-pdf: pdf: PDF file
  • repeat event_swallow(acrobatreader) fill: acroread -geometry +9000+9000 +useFrontEndProgram -tempFileTitle acrobatreader "$file" repeat noisy swallow(Xpdf) fill: xpdf -g +9000+9000 "$file" repeat noisy event_swallow(gv:) fill: gv -safer -quiet -antialias -geometry +9000+9000 "$file"

 application/x-dvi: dvi: DVI file
        repeat swallow(kviewshell) fill: kdvi "$file"
  • repeat swallow(xdvi) fill: xdvi -safer -hush -geometry +9000+9000 "$file"

 application/x-postscript: ps: PostScript file
 application/postscript: ps: PostScript file
  • repeat noisy event_swallow(gv:) fill: gv -safer -quiet -antialias -geometry +9000+9000 "$file" repeat swallow(Pageview) fill: pageview "$file"

 application/x-rtf: rtf: Rich Text Format
 application/rtf: rtf: Rich Text Format
 text/rtf: rtf: Rich Text Format
  • repeat noisy event_swallow(Ted:) fill: Ted "$file"

    repeat noisy swallow(?AbiWord) fill: abiword --nosplash --geometry +9000+9000 "$file" nokill: ooffice -writer -nologo "$file" nokill: soffice -writer -nologo "$file" nokill: kword "$file"

 application/x-msword: doc, dot: Microsoft Word Document
 application/msword: doc, dot: Microsoft Word Document
  • nokill: ooffice -writer -nologo "$file"

    nokill: soffice -writer -nologo "$file"

            noisy nokill: kword "$file"
            repeat noisy swallow(AbiWord) fill: abiword --nosplash --geometry +9000+9000 "$file"

 application/vnd.ms-excel: xls, xlb: Microsoft Excel Document
  • repeat swallow(?PluggerGnumeric) fill: gnumeric --class ?PluggerGnumeric "$file"

# OpenOffice MimeTypes (http://framework.openoffice.org/documentation/mimetypes/mimetypes.html)

 application/vnd.sun.xml.writer: sxw: OpenOffice Writer 6.0 documents
 application/vnd.sun.xml.writer.template: stw: OpenOffice Writer 6.0 templates
 application/vnd.sun.xml.writer.global: sxg: OpenOffice Writer 6.0 global documents
 application/vnd.stardivision.writer: sdw: StarWriter 5.x documents
 application/vnd.stardivision.writer-global: sgl: StarWriter 5.x global documents
 application/x-starwriter: sdw: StarWriter 4.x documents
  • nokill: ooffice -writer -nologo "$file" nokill: soffice -writer -nologo "$file"

 application/vnd.sun.xml.calc: sxc: OpenOffice Calc 6.0 spreadsheets
 application/vnd.sun.xml.calc.template: stc: OpenOffice Calc 6.0 templates
 application/vnd.stardivision.calc: sdc: StarCalc 5.x spreadsheets
 application/x-starcalc: sdc: StarCalc 4.x spreadsheets
  • nokill: ooffice -calc -nologo "$file" nokill: soffice -calc -nologo "$file"

 application/vnd.sun.xml.draw: sxd: OpenOffice Draw 6.0 documents
 application/vnd.sun.xml.draw.template: std: OpenOffice Draw 6.0 templates
 application/vnd.stardivision.draw: sda: StarDraw 5.x documents

application/x-stardraw: sda: ?StarDraw 4.x documents

  • nokill: ooffice -draw -nologo "$file" nokill: soffice -draw -nologo "$file"

 application/vnd.sun.xml.impress: sxi: OpenOffice Impress 6.0 presentations
 application/vnd.sun.xml.impress.template: sti: OpenOffice Impress 6.0 templates
 application/vnd.stardivision.impress: sdd: StarImpress 5.x presentations
 application/vnd.stardivision.impress-packed: sdp: StarImpress Packed 5.x files
 application/x-starimpress: sdd: StarImpress 4.x presentations

application/vnd.ms-powerpoint: ppt: ?PowerPoint

  • nokill: ooffice -impress -nologo "$file" nokill: soffice -impress -nologo "$file"

 application/vnd.sun.xml.math: sxm: OpenOffice Math 6.0 documents
 application/vnd.stardivision.math: smf: StarMath 5.x documents
 application/x-starmath: smf: StarMath 4.x documents
  • nokill: ooffice -math -nologo "$file" nokill: soffice -math -nologo "$file"


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