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Excellent, now I have logged in and created this page. I hope to add to the wiki in the future some relevant documentation. One thing I have begun doing in the last few days is referring to "the debian way" as "the way debian"... I hope my time here is lengthy and helpful. Markup is not my best thing... I do have a vocabulary though and I have been told I know how to use it.

I work in the telecommunications field for one of the Fortune100. I have 22 years experience in telecommunications, 16
years or more with computers, programming, setup and technical support. I assist in trouble resolution, dispatch,
measurements,regulatory compliance, and much to the chagrin of the IT department I am the local 'guru' for end-users.

I have used debian now for 5 years. I started my serious computer work on OS/2. The ubiquitous operating system one either loved or hated. The only reason I am not running it today is debian. I miss it, but life goes on. Uptime on a 386 I ran was measured at one point in years... even under a load. I began my internet foray in the early to mid '90's at the now

Anyhoo enough about me and on to other work.



GPLv2 or later at your option