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The proposal is to motivate developers to work harder toward releases.

This would be the solution to DevelopersTooLame and DevelopersSatisfiedByUsingUnstable.


Some positive ways to motivate developers:

  • The developer of the month (interview with a developer each month or week)
  • The most fixer developer (each month, objectively, we elect the develop who fixes more bugs)
  • The most "new-features" developer (the same as previous for resolve feature request)
  • The most active developer in irc ("the most helper dev"?)
  • And what's about the most documentation-er developer?
  • A prize for a developer of the year of this three categories. The prizes: money, debian CD/DVD kit, a laptop, ....

A negative way to motivate developers:

  • Name and shame slum lords on the ["Slum"] page

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