Un NomeWiki è una parola composta da due o più parole, con l'iniziale di ogni parola maiuscola.

[DIFF] 15m ago [INFO] AntonioTerceiro
[DIFF] 16m ago [INFO] AntonioTerceiro [1-2]
[DIFF] 34m ago [INFO] AntonioTerceiro
[DIFF] 47m ago [INFO] GuillemJover Update dpkg downstream versions
[DIFF] 52m ago [INFO] HolgerLevsen fix typo
[DIFF] 15:45 [INFO] ?FelipeSateler [1-3]
[DIFF] 14:30 [INFO] ?LuisVillegas
[DIFF] 11:08 [INFO] ?RafaelLaboissiereAlt Add link to liboctave 2→3 transition
[DIFF] 08:58 [INFO] Praveen A [1-2] #01 link to discussion
#02 add gradle example
[DIFF] 08:34 [INFO] ?RubenUndheim Added new fixed version of graywolf. Removed qflow since the dependency graywolf hasn't passed the NEW queue yet.
[DIFF] 07:03 [INFO] ?Thomas Goirand
[DIFF] 03:20 [INFO] PaulWise new repo URL: https://www.whonix.o rg/blog/testers-want ed-10-10-0-0-5-0
[DIFF] 03:04 [INFO] GeoffSimmons Use ALSA Project's primary site again, update supported devices, drop package changelog.
[DIFF] 23:20 [INFO] ?DanDeVoto [1-4]
[DIFF] 23:19 [INFO] ?Shin Kyeong Su How to resolve the touchpad sensitivity issues. I am new to the wiki, so I apologize if I did anything wrong.
[DIFF] 21:34 [INFO] ?mickaelblouet
[DIFF] 19:58 [INFO] DavidBremner
[DIFF] 19:13 [INFO] MattiaRizzolo remove todo for unreproducible-insta lled script, now done thanks to Valentin Lorentz :)
[DIFF] 19:11 [INFO] MattiaRizzolo [1-2] #01 link the unreproducible-insta lled script
#02 update rb.d.n links
[DIFF] 18:24 [INFO] SimonKainz [1-4]
[DIFF] 18:15 [INFO] madduck
[DIFF] 16:02 [INFO] PaulWise add more urls
[DIFF] 15:46 [INFO] ?jhtan
[DIFF] 15:33 [INFO] ?mangesh divate
[DIFF] 14:23 [INFO] ?HelmutGrohne dh-exec support. Big thanks to Gergely Nagy!
[DIFF] 14:11 [INFO] FabianRodriguez [1-2] #01 Link to additional README w/database setup info
#02 Added step to configure MySQL server - still requires more testing/steps.
[DIFF] 13:45 [INFO] kao add vp9
[DIFF] 13:42 [INFO] kao add vp9
[DIFF] 12:32 [INFO] ?WelltonCosta [1-3]
[DIFF] 10:20 [INFO] kao Sync with English master
[DIFF] 10:15 [INFO] kao Sync with English master
[DIFF] 07:41 [INFO] PaulWise [1-5] #01 better link
#02 fixy
#03 fixy
#04 update dh-make-golang column
[DIFF] 02:14 [INFO] ?DeanHamstead update mpt2sas
[DIFF] 01:49 [INFO] ?JensReyer [1-5] #01 Updated Configuration, Installing and removing programs and Winetricks for wine-development
#02 Typos in the Wheezy part
#03 Added Debian Jessie instructions, especially wine and new wine-develpment
#04 Current installation instructions are only for Debian Wheezy
#05 Typo/grammar
[DIFF] 20:27 [INFO] ?Ganneff
[DIFF] 19:06 [INFO] ?SunilMohanAdapa [1-2] #01 Update information about the current call
#02 Add more agenda for the meeting
[DIFF] 19:06 [INFO] StefanEggers [1-2] #01 adding description of how to remove a logical volume
#02 adding description of how to remove a physical volume
[DIFF] 19:02 [INFO] ?SunilMohanAdapa Add progress call meeting notes
[DIFF] 15:42 [INFO] Lunar fix link
[DIFF] 13:54 [INFO] StefanEggers
[DIFF] 09:09 [INFO] ?UweKleine-König [1-2] #01 add bug number for sbuild keygen problem
[DIFF] 04:56 [INFO] ?IanKelling
[DIFF] 01:31 [INFO] GuillemJover Add draft page to track deb822 support in software
[DIFF] 17:24 [INFO] ?MarkusKoschany [1-2] #02 Mention libmath++ and libcapsinetwork changes.
[DIFF] 15:31 [INFO] kao update techforce link
[DIFF] 12:45 [INFO] PaulWise KDE Plasma Mobile
[DIFF] 09:17 [INFO] ?FredrikNyqvist
[DIFF] 07:28 [INFO] JulienPuydt Rubiks finally entered debian unstable!
[DIFF] 01:58 [INFO] GuillemJover python-apt should now have .deb LFS
[DIFF] 22:30 [INFO] ?AndrewBeverley
[DIFF] 21:51 [INFO] ChrisWest their are -> they are
[DIFF] 16:52 [INFO] EnricoZini [1-2] #02 Added sprint
[DIFF] 16:29 [INFO] ?BrandonF Make the ci.debian.net link use HTTPS
[DIFF] 16:14 [INFO] ?BrandonF [1-2] #01 Upload of attachment 'tmpfail_list.png'.
[DIFF] 10:52 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1]
Ana [2]
#01 explain that this wont catch many variations
[DIFF] 10:50 [INFO] StevenChamberlain [1-2] #02 new URI with HTTPS
[DIFF] 20:25 [INFO] JustinBRye [1-2] #02 add cruft
[DIFF] 17:15 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 16:39 [INFO] KenChen [1-2]
[DIFF] 16:35 [INFO] KenChen
[DIFF] 16:33 [INFO] KenChen
[DIFF] 16:30 [INFO] KenChen [1-3]
[DIFF] 16:23 [INFO] SteveMcIntyre [1-2]
[DIFF] 16:10 [INFO] KenChen [1-3]
[DIFF] 16:01 [INFO] KenChen [1-4] #04 Renamed from 'zh_TW/DebianWiki'.
[DIFF] 15:39 [INFO] KenChen
[DIFF] 14:27 [INFO] OlivierBerger
[DIFF] 13:48 [INFO] ?MathieuParent
[DIFF] 12:10 [INFO] BorisPek
[DIFF] 07:26 [INFO] PaulLiu [1-3] #02 Use stable instead of sid.
#03 change sid to stable.
[DIFF] 03:35 [INFO] PaulWise Expectations of free software developers
[DIFF] 03:03 [INFO] SebastianSilva [1-2] #02 Actualiza, elmina referencias alcohólicas
[DIFF] 21:06 [INFO] ?ElenaGrandi [1,4]
?KarstenMerker [2-3]
#01 reverting my own edit (missed a "micro")
#02 U-Boot v2015.04 has migrated to Stretch.
#03 Add information about additional systems supported by development versions of d-i.
#04 Added link to installation report for Olimex A13-Olinuxino Micro
[DIFF] 18:50 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann [1-4] #01 add TOC
#02 align table columns in source
#03 add preliminary coordination information
#04 add link to website/git for documentation
[DIFF] 17:35 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann add links to reports
[DIFF] 17:05 [INFO] ?Eduard Bloch
[DIFF] 15:13 [INFO] DidierRaboud Debian Printing is generally LowThresholdNMU
[DIFF] 14:52 [INFO] ?MatthiasKlose
[DIFF] 14:50 [INFO] ?MatthiasKlose
[DIFF] 14:13 [INFO] AndreFelipeMachado changing link to simple http
[DIFF] 11:25 [INFO] AntonioTerceiro [1,3]
PaulWise [2]
#02 formatting
[DIFF] 10:19 [INFO] JakubWilk
[DIFF] 07:57 [INFO] ?sohosted [1-2]
[DIFF] 06:59 [INFO] ?GianfrancoCostamagna
[DIFF] 06:57 [INFO] ?GianfrancoCostamagna
[DIFF] 03:02 [INFO] ?tassia [1-2]
MarceloSantana [3]
#03 Initial version
[DIFF] 02:52 [INFO] MarceloSantana Add Debian l10n Portuguese Sprint
[DIFF] 02:02 [INFO] AntonioTerceiro [1-2]
[DIFF] 00:01 [INFO] ?BasCouwenberg h5utils migrated to git


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