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[DIFF] 78m ago [INFO] SébastienVillemot No need to use --git-tag option since debcommit -r already added the tag
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?MikeGabriel [3]
[DIFF] 19:45 [INFO] mai sso.debian.org/ca/te st/env
[DIFF] 19:41 [INFO] mai
[DIFF] 19:12 [INFO] ?tassia changed the profile url from alioth to debian account
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#02 consultar o histórico da lista
[DIFF] 13:30 [INFO] HubertChathi
[DIFF] 12:48 [INFO] DevNiko [1-3] #03 сток страничка
[DIFF] 11:04 [INFO] ?TetsutaroKawada
[DIFF] 10:57 [INFO] ?TetsutaroKawada
[DIFF] 05:27 [INFO] ?Jaminy Prabaharan
[DIFF] 21:27 [INFO] wookey [1-3]
[DIFF] 19:31 [INFO] AndrewBradford Fix hostname for mentors site in "How do I install a package from" section: s/mentor.debian.net/ mentors.debian.net/
[DIFF] 18:51 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1-4] #01 remove useless general event links
#02 correct number
#04 s#Dock Europe#dock europe#g and "former Victoria Kaserne, now called Fux"
[DIFF] 17:26 [INFO] mai deprecated / abgekündigt . veralteter Eintrag !
[DIFF] 13:34 [INFO] DanielPocock
[DIFF] 12:46 [INFO] FedericoCeratto Add migration from Alioth
[DIFF] 11:52 [INFO] LauraArjona add storm.debian.net
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[DIFF] 01:30 [INFO] GuillemJover Add an entry for epochs, their purpose and their intended usage
[DIFF] 00:31 [INFO] PaulWise fossjobs.net
[DIFF] 00:22 [INFO] TheAnarcat add link to NEW queue i always miss here
[DIFF] 23:59 [INFO] ?annadane
[DIFF] 23:39 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2]
?OlaLundqvist [3-9]
#01 typo
#02 use a redirect
[DIFF] 23:36 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
?AdrianGlaubitz [2]
#01 correct gcc usertag
#02 Update email address
[DIFF] 23:17 [INFO] LauraArjona [1-3] #01 add newline
#02 add summary and log
#03 Update the time, 21:00 UTC
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[DIFF] 20:51 [INFO] ?OlaLundqvist
[DIFF] 18:13 [INFO] ?YongminHong small grammar fix
[DIFF] 14:39 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1-2] #01 add Ma Yong
#02 add Максим Якимчук
[DIFF] 14:29 [INFO] PaulWise add more urls
[DIFF] 14:07 [INFO] ?VladimirVologdin
[DIFF] 13:32 [INFO] ?GregorHerrmann fix typos
[DIFF] 12:01 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe [1-2]
[DIFF] 05:28 [INFO] PaulWise add link to other mentor opportunities
[DIFF] 00:08 [INFO] ValentinHaenel
[DIFF] 21:30 [INFO] BorisPek [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:15 [INFO] ?StefanMonnier Add espressobin
[DIFF] 18:43 [INFO] AriPollak [1-2] #01 Automatically updated by ddtopic.pl
#02 Automatically updated by ddtopic.pl
[DIFF] 15:22 [INFO] ?DrydenPersonalis [1-6] #02 update language to include backports for separate lxc-net install
#03 Update DHCP boot delay info for 2.0
#04 Revert
#05 Updating links for removed page
#06 Revert to revision 142. Never mind
[DELETED] 14:45 [INFO] ?DrydenPersonalis If you don't want it I guess you can revert it but since I wrote this page entirely myself I think it should be possible?
[DIFF] 13:58 [INFO] PeBecue [1-3]
[DIFF] 12:44 [INFO] ?ThomasSchmitt [1-2] #01 In advance referring to Debian 9.4.0 because of new verification opportunity
#02 Mentioned new opportunity to verify .jigdo and .template by SHA512SUMS
[DIFF] 11:22 [INFO] ArturoBorreroGonzalez [1-4] #01 add see also section
#02 alioth admins are deprecated
#03 add tracker link
#04 refresh page
[DIFF] 10:10 [INFO] ?Manuela Silva [1-4] #01 add pt_PT News link
#04 Update
[DIFF] 10:06 [INFO] ?Manuela Silva addd pt_PT link
[DIFF] 10:05 [INFO] ?Manuela Silva [1-2] #02 New translation pt_PT
[DIFF] 09:54 [INFO] ?Manuela Silva add pt_PT link
[DIFF] 09:52 [INFO] ?Manuela Silva New translation pt_PT
[DIFF] 09:14 [INFO] RaphaelHertzog
[DIFF] 01:02 [INFO] PaulWise move purism advertising to the end
[DIFF] 00:07 [INFO] GuillemJover Small update on migration
[DIFF] 23:22 [INFO] ?LuigiToscano [1-2] #01 few updates
#02 small wording fix
[DIFF] 20:09 [INFO] DanielPocock
[DIFF] 18:10 [INFO] OtavioGomes [1-2]
[DIFF] 18:07 [INFO] ?Jose Luis Rivero Added ignition-fuel-tools. Updated the status of previous sponsoring requests.
[DIFF] 17:27 [INFO] TonyTravis [1-8]
[DIFF] 16:18 [INFO] MaximDementiev Stanzas has been introduced, control file refers to it.
[DIFF] 15:54 [INFO] MaximDementiev Name and CV
[DIFF] 15:24 [INFO] BorisPek
[DIFF] 15:07 [INFO] ?Manuela Silva add pt_PT link
[DIFF] 15:05 [INFO] ?Manuela Silva New translation pt_PT
[DIFF] 14:36 [INFO] BorisPek [1-3]
[DIFF] 13:51 [INFO] highvoltage add salsa profile
[DIFF] 13:08 [INFO] PauloSantana
[DIFF] 03:19 [INFO] PaulWise link to official archives
[DIFF] 23:48 [INFO] JamesValleroy [1-2] #01 bump version
#02 replace fancy quote characters with plain quote characters
[DIFF] 23:24 [INFO] JamesValleroy add 0.23 release notes
[DIFF] 22:58 [INFO] PauloSantana [1-4]
?tassia [5]
[DIFF] 21:50 [INFO] ?PetterReinholdtsen Update information on Cura.
[DIFF] 19:13 [INFO] RenataDAvila
[DIFF] 18:47 [INFO] CarstenSchoenert kicad-{footprints,sy mbols,templates} are now in experimental
[DIFF] 15:04 [INFO] SteffenMoeller Draft of instructions for adding CWL tool descriptions in Debian.
[DIFF] 14:56 [INFO] SteffenMoeller updated Ubuntu logo URL
[DIFF] 13:46 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe [1-2]
[DELETED] 13:26 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe empty, unused
[DIFF] 13:26 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe
[DIFF] 13:26 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe Put link to Debian Med metapackage
[DIFF] 13:24 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe
[DIFF] 13:23 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe
[DELETED] 13:23 [INFO] ?MichaelCrusoe Out of date
[DIFF] 07:09 [INFO] SunilMohanAdapa [1-2] #01 Minor formatting
#02 Add a contributor
[DIFF] 22:59 [INFO] Calinou Typography fixes
[DIFF] 21:38 [INFO] RuiBranco 2018/01 spam check
[DIFF] 19:36 [INFO] Praveen A [1-2]
[DIFF] 19:23 [INFO] MikeMiller use https URLs
[DIFF] 18:18 [INFO] ?RafaelLaboissiereAlt I am removing my bet. I realized that all the other bets have been placed until the end of 2015. My bet was place in January 2017. This is not fair with the other players.
[DIFF] 18:10 [INFO] ?RafaelLaboissiereAlt Add notice about my return to Debian
[DIFF] 17:26 [INFO] TpO split long phrase into two. Makes it easier to understand.
[DIFF] 12:01 [INFO] AndreasTille [1-2] #01 emmax
#02 ffp
[DIFF] 10:55 [INFO] ?SebastianRamacher [1-3]
[DELETED] 10:53 [INFO] ?SebastianRamacher old and outdated
[DIFF] 10:30 [INFO] ?SebastianRamacher
[DIFF] 09:51 [INFO] MechtildeStehmann
[DIFF] 09:49 [INFO] MechtildeStehmann
[DIFF] 09:47 [INFO] ?SebastianRamacher
[DIFF] 05:17 [INFO] SunilMohanAdapa [1-2] #01 Rename 'Plinth module' to 'FreedomBox app'
#02 Update license header


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