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[DIFF] 03:39 [INFO] PaulWise Renamed from 'Derivatives/Census/ Siduction'. lowercase is the actual name, the census isn't ready for page renames
[DIFF] 00:31 [INFO] XTaran [1-2] #01 Zurich → Zürich where appropriate
#02 Created
[DIFF] 00:10 [INFO] ?rubinlinux Add note about PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR to override --with-config-file-s can-dir
[DIFF] 00:00 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer yes, checked; the package is installed, but LTSP disables cron jobs by default
[DIFF] 22:53 [INFO] FrancescoDeVita update the audio section
[DIFF] 22:40 [INFO] ?PeterPentchev [1]
HectorOron [2]
#01 Add myself tentatively.
[DIFF] 22:27 [INFO] ?TomaszBuchert [1]
SaschaS [2]
#02 yep, I'll be there
[DELETED] 22:23 [INFO] ?AlfGaida Renamed from 'Derivatives/Census/ siduction'. lowercase name breaks sorting - the site was created with a lowercase name by incident
[DIFF] 19:41 [INFO] DominicHargreaves @INC work now finished
[DIFF] 19:41 [INFO] DominicHargreaves
[DIFF] 18:09 [INFO] ?TomaszRybak
[DIFF] 16:29 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer drop Kmail configuration instruction, use Thunderbird. typo fixes and improvements; thanks victory.
[DIFF] 16:25 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1]
?WolfgangSchweer [2-3]
#01 ad hint that people can help
#02 add caveat about outdated information, add links to the Samba wiki.
#03 remove wrong Samba version information.
[DIFF] 16:20 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer add i585 -> i686 change; thanks Holger.
[DIFF] 16:14 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1-2] #01 various typo fixes / other improvements; thanks victory.
#02 keep information simple.
[DIFF] 15:31 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer remove obsolete information about ancient backports configuration.
[DIFF] 11:22 [INFO] ?IsyDor [1-2] #01 typo
#02 "du" instead of "la"
[DIFF] 23:52 [INFO] StevenChamberlain [1-7] #07 new page
[DIFF] 22:57 [INFO] NobuhiroIwamatsu
[DIFF] 21:38 [INFO] StevenChamberlain [1-2] #02 begin the "how to help" section
[DIFF] 18:49 [INFO] ?ThomasSautter [1-3]
[DIFF] 18:17 [INFO] ?IntRigeri [1-7]
SebastienBadia [8-9]
?IsyDor [10]
#01 TODO--
#02 TODO--
#03 TODO++ from the agenda of last meeting
#04 TODO--
#05 Update sponsorship TODO items.
#06 Update TODO list with input from 2017-02-17 meeting.
#07 Add questions we want to ask in the regitsration form / email template
#08 Update alban infos (for attendee part)
#09 Added alban
#10 one more attendee
[DIFF] 17:00 [INFO] victory [1-2]
?WolfgangSchweer [3-10]
#01 minor fix
#02 minor fix
#03 add 'ltsp-update-image', needed in several scripts. typo fixes and improvements; thanks victory.
#04 hopefully noone is still using 15-year-old boxes.
#05 various typo fixes / other improvements; thanks victory.
#06 ltsp-docs is installed by default.
#07 add 'ltsp-update-image', needed in several scripts.
#08 s/network card/network interface/g
#09 replace aptitude (which isn't installed by default) w/ apt, and dist-upgrade w/ full-upgrade.
#10 removed, because this is now discribed elsewhere.
[DIFF] 15:13 [INFO] GregWooledge correct one filename
[DIFF] 12:54 [INFO] FredLeMeur apt dist-upgrade
[DIFF] 12:08 [INFO] ?JamesCowgill
[DIFF] 11:28 [INFO] ?Cri Added instructions for manual update in case the .asc file can't be downloaded
[DIFF] 11:27 [INFO] ?TetsutaroKawada
[DIFF] 11:26 [INFO] ?Siltaar [1-3] #02 UX305C added info
[DIFF] 11:22 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer add instructions concerning additional resources for LTSP disless ws clients
[DIFF] 11:13 [INFO] ?OttoKekalainen
[DIFF] 09:51 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1]
?PetterReinholdtsen [2]
#01 last release of Linex seems to have taken place in 2013. Linex.es is history (:
#02 Correct links.
[DIFF] 20:32 [INFO] ?papapep Revisat 1/17
[DIFF] 15:41 [INFO] AdrianoRafaelGomes [1]
PauloSantana [2-7]
[DIFF] 15:40 [INFO] JustinBRye +diodon, eiciel, gobby, meson
[DIFF] 12:20 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1-2] #01 remove FIXME, add howto for building libdvdcss locally.
#02 use Debian Edu specific DE metapackages; add caveat concerning multiple DEs; MATE -> KDE.
[DIFF] 12:00 [INFO] HolgerLevsen [1-3] #01 update year for Ole-Erik
#02 update year for Joe
#03 update year for Frans
[DIFF] 10:53 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer explain DE choice if PXE is used.
[DIFF] 09:07 [INFO] CarstenSchoenert [1-3] #01 mark some points as done
#02 fixup wiki syntax
#03 Adding section for tracking related bug reports of migration
[DIFF] 03:14 [INFO] BenFinney [1-2] #01 Link to personal Git repositories information.
#02 Formatting for easier editing.
[DIFF] 22:37 [INFO] ?UlrikeUhlig adding myself since i am a dd now :)
[DIFF] 18:59 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1-4] #01 replace outdated (and non-working) link to munin home page w/ recent one. fix typos, improve wording; thanks victory.
#02 the unattended-upgrades package is configured by default on new installs.
#03 the unattended-upgrades package is installed by default since some time.
#04 LTSP now uses NBD; add image update information.
[DIFF] 18:23 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1-6] #01 pupils are gone.
#02 use correct profile names.
#03 Upload of attachment '27-Tjener-KDE_Deskt op.png'.
#04 MATE -> KDE
#05 Attachment '27-Tjener-MATE_Desk top.png' deleted.
#06 fix typos; thanks victory.
[DIFF] 17:38 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1-5] #01 remove outdated information about cfengine.
#02 add NBD to service listing.
#03 add full name for NBD.
#04 imho there are no mailing lists available.
#05 use consistent naming.
[DIFF] 17:20 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer use consistent naming.
[DIFF] 13:05 [INFO] ?UlrikeUhlig [1-2] #01 list markup correction
#02 french version, premier jet, à améliorer
[DIFF] 11:40 [INFO] JulietteTaka [1-8] #02 Upload of attachment 'softWaves_src.zip'.
#03 Attachment 'softWaves_src.zip' deleted.
#04 Upload of attachment 'softWaves_src.zip'.
#05 Attachment 'softWaves_src.zip' deleted.
#06 Upload of attachment 'kakemono_70_100.png '.
#07 Upload of attachment 'kakemono.png'.
#08 Attachment 'kakemono.png' deleted.
[DIFF] 11:01 [INFO] SamuelThibault [1-2]
[DIFF] 05:49 [INFO] MartinMichlmayr Update u-boot link
[DIFF] 04:57 [INFO] PaulWise link to the todo list on the website too
[DIFF] 04:39 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 update, httpsify links
#02 remove hostnames; either currently out of date or could become out of date
[DIFF] 03:24 [INFO] ?BillBlough
[DIFF] 03:18 [INFO] ?BillBlough
[DIFF] 00:29 [INFO] ?narcan
[DIFF] 22:34 [INFO] vauss sync with English master
[DIFF] 21:05 [INFO] David Branner Create initial page content
[DIFF] 21:03 [INFO] David Branner Correct three small typos
[DIFF] 17:10 [INFO] ?OttoKekalainen Document shortly default-mysql-* and virtual-mysql-*
[DIFF] 16:55 [INFO] HansChristophSteiner trackpad works on stretch with no extra config
[DIFF] 16:44 [INFO] ?adrelanos
[DIFF] 16:19 [INFO] ?WolfgangSchweer [1-2] #01 add gateway/firewall information/recipe
#02 fix typo, update URL; thanks victory.
[DIFF] 15:19 [INFO] ?JoaoPirralha [1-4] #01 Removed part about disabling accidental suspension working out of the box. It mostly works out-of-the-box with Xfce but it's best to do it anyway.
#03 Correction/clarifica tion in the display brightness.
#04 Updated based on a recent installation of Debian 9 (with a DI RC2 image).
[DIFF] 12:57 [INFO] AndreasTille Benchmarking scientific packages for general and architecture specific builds
[DIFF] 12:32 [INFO] PauloSantana [1-8]
[DIFF] 10:38 [INFO] ShirishAgarwal [1-14] #01 screened 2014/12 for spam ~~~~
#02 screened 2014/11 for spam ~~~~
#03 screened 2014/10 for spam ~~~~
#04 screened 2014/09 for spam ~~~~
#05 screened 2014/08 for spam ~~~~
#06 screened 2014/07 for spam ~~~~
#07 adding my name to 2014/06 checking list for spam ~~~~
#08 adding my name to 2014/05 ~~~~
#09 adding my name to 2014/04 ~~~~
#10 adding my name to 2014/03 ~~~~
#11 adding my name to 2014/02 -no spam ~~~~
#12 scanned for spam and put my name ~~~~
#13 adding my name to 2013/12 checking list for spam ~~~~
#14 just checked 2013/11 ~~~~
[DIFF] 06:44 [INFO] ?BernhardWiedemann add rpm patch link
[DIFF] 01:36 [INFO] PaulWise Revert to revision 50.
[DIFF] 23:51 [INFO] ?DavidDerby
[DIFF] 22:27 [INFO] JamesValleroy add myself as co-mentor
[DIFF] 18:04 [INFO] NicolasDandrimont
[DIFF] 18:04 [INFO] NicolasDandrimont [1-2] #01 Outreachy Round 14 landing page
#02 Upload of attachment 'outreachy-poster-20 17-May-August.png'.
[DIFF] 17:53 [INFO] MattiaRizzolo Renamed from 'SummerOfCode2017/Pr ojectProposals/Repro ducibleBuildsOfDebia n'. move into confirmed projects
[DIFF] 14:36 [INFO] espectalll Añadida almohadilla ausente
[DIFF] 12:06 [INFO] ?TetsutaroKawada
[DIFF] 08:37 [INFO] ?MichaelStapelberg
[DIFF] 03:38 [INFO] PaulWise Release team checklist for after the release
[DIFF] 02:30 [INFO] PaulWise distrowatch search is useful
[DIFF] 00:07 [INFO] PauloSantana


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