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[DIFF] 19m ago [INFO] josch add autopkgtest
[DIFF] 42m ago [INFO] ?SamiLiedes [1-2] #01 note about customization
#02 add lsusb, lspci output
[DIFF] 81m ago [INFO] kao add link to the french page
[DIFF] 82m ago [INFO] kao translation to french
[DIFF] 17:17 [INFO] ?Akshay [1]
Praveen A [2-4]
#01 corrections and small notes here and there.
#02 log files listed
#03 add prosody user
#04 create steps to setup prosody with diaspora
[DIFF] 14:50 [INFO] ?KaichungYan sonar-runner is needed
[DIFF] 13:42 [INFO] ?Andrea Cimbalo [1-2]
[DIFF] 11:43 [INFO] ?Álvaro Fernando Matos de Souza [1]
?Cristiano Galdino [2]
[DIFF] 07:41 [INFO] JeremiahFoster More explication around CUPS.
[DIFF] 07:28 [INFO] kao [1-2] #01 minor fix
#02 add link to [[Freshplayerplugin] ]
[DIFF] 07:28 [INFO] PaulWise [1]
kao [2]
#01 fix header
#02 add link to [[Freshplayerplugin] ]
[DIFF] 07:15 [INFO] kao add link to [[Freshplayerplugin] ]
[DIFF] 07:12 [INFO] kao add link to [[Freshplayerplugin] ]
[DIFF] 00:54 [INFO] ?dbp [1-2]
[DIFF] 23:45 [INFO] StevenChamberlain [1-4] #02 exploit mitigations
#03 security support in oldstable and kfreebsd-stable
#04 new page
[DIFF] 23:24 [INFO] wookey
[DIFF] 21:19 [INFO] StevenChamberlain add link for kfreebsd security page
[DIFF] 21:09 [INFO] LauraArjona [1-2] #02 Renamed from 'Teams/Publicity/Mee tings/2015-05-DebCon fTalk'.
[DIFF] 21:00 [INFO] ?TobiasHansen Mention that ipython spkg can be used to build documentation.
[DIFF] 19:36 [INFO] MarcJones Added page to show how to do a minimal configuration of ldap to store user accounts
[DIFF] 19:28 [INFO] ?MartinPitt update DONE items
[DIFF] 19:06 [INFO] GuillemJover Update GoboLinux, and remove Mandriva
[DIFF] 17:07 [INFO] MattiaRizzolo [1-2]
HolgerLevsen [3]
Lunar [4-5]
#01 use wiki mean to do listing
#02 fix link
#03 fix link
#04 formatting
#05 add an example hacking session
[DIFF] 15:46 [INFO] ?MisterHat [1-2] #01 add link to fdroid package
#02 stable uses openjdk 7
[DIFF] 15:20 [INFO] HansChristophSteiner
[DIFF] 14:22 [INFO] josch enable build profiles on bootstrap.d.n
[DIFF] 12:51 [INFO] ?FelipeSateler
[DIFF] 11:53 [INFO] kao [1-3] #01 minor fix
#03 from scratch
[DIFF] 11:50 [INFO] kao translate from french, need review
[DIFF] 11:14 [INFO] ?AdamBorowski [1]
?Marcod'Itri [2]
#02 removed md
[DIFF] 08:52 [INFO] JeromeWarnier
[DIFF] 08:51 [INFO] JeromeWarnier [1-2]
[DIFF] 08:45 [INFO] JeromeWarnier
[DIFF] 08:43 [INFO] JeromeWarnier
[DIFF] 22:35 [INFO] ?Siltaar [1-2] #02 Add initial content
[DIFF] 21:33 [INFO] NicolasBoulenguez Pdftex may be fixed upstream.
[DIFF] 21:04 [INFO] ?Siltaar [1-2] #01 fix link
#02 add ux305fa model
[DIFF] 19:38 [INFO] BarryWarsaw
[DIFF] 18:07 [INFO] ?IanCampbell Point to Jessie SD card images.
[DIFF] 18:03 [INFO] ?NikoTyni
[DIFF] 17:27 [INFO] Lunar [1-2] #01 Cleanup merged/fixed/obsolet e
#02 https ftw
[DIFF] 15:40 [INFO] ?JensReyer [1]
?WolfgangSchweer [2]
#01 Removed obsolete, misplaced bug subscribe address
#02 debsums have been updated, problem solved.
[DIFF] 15:19 [INFO] bendia
[DIFF] 15:10 [INFO] ?PierreBoesch
[DIFF] 14:22 [INFO] HolgerLevsen add links to dotnet and mono being fixed upstream
[DIFF] 13:19 [INFO] ?BrandonF [1-2] #01 Upload of attachment 'maintainer_list.png '.
[DIFF] 12:53 [INFO] XTaran Add hints about how to use bash completion scripts with zsh (c.f. #786881)
[DIFF] 09:50 [INFO] ?Beuc Remember to add deb-src for jessie-updates
[DIFF] 09:23 [INFO] Jivan Ghadage [1-4]
[DIFF] 08:49 [INFO] ?DominiqueDumont
[DIFF] 04:51 [INFO] PaulWise add UDD link for better usertags interface
[DIFF] 03:41 [INFO] AriPollak Automatically updated by ddtopic.pl
[DIFF] 00:41 [INFO] ?OllyBetts
[DIFF] 19:36 [INFO] ?GhislainVaillant [1-2]
[DIFF] 17:38 [INFO] Lunar document unzip issue
[DIFF] 13:01 [INFO] ?Sylvestre Ledru about rust in debian
[DIFF] 09:42 [INFO] ?pouillon Created entry for the nanoscale-physics-de v metapackage
[DIFF] 09:36 [INFO] ?pouillon [1-6] #01 Replaced pymca ITP link by actual package link
#02 Removed link to long-gone package
#03 Fixed little typos
#04 Fixed all package-related URLs
#05 Updated package-tracking URLs (new package tracker)
#06 Added a few electronic-structure packages
[DIFF] 08:01 [INFO] StevenChamberlain more wishlist / too late for jessie
[DIFF] 23:42 [INFO] ?SamSchirmer
[DIFF] 20:00 [INFO] ?NickDaly Created page.
[DIFF] 19:53 [INFO] ?NickDaly [1-4] #01 Updated post-call.
#02 moved calls back 1 hour.
#03 Split into upcoming and previous calls.
#04 Added May notes, next quarter's dates.
[DIFF] 17:01 [INFO] GeoffSimmons [1-2] #01 Add HowToIdentifyADevice /PCI link.
#02 Amend for Debian 8.0 release, update supported devices, drop Squeeze.
[DIFF] 14:35 [INFO] ?NikoTyni [1]
XTaran [2]
#01 filed #786664 against PET
#02 DUCK has been run once again
[DIFF] 14:19 [INFO] JonasSmedegaard [1-4] #01 Add Cubieboard2-Dual.
#02 Shorten Cubieboard URLs.
#03 Rename Cubietruck → Cubieboard3 (seems Cubietruck is now used for boxed products), and adjust price.
#04 Add Cubieboard4.
[DIFF] 10:05 [INFO] HolgerLevsen the voters have spoken.
[DIFF] 08:30 [INFO] nomeata
[DIFF] 23:10 [INFO] wookey
[DIFF] 22:52 [INFO] wookey [1-3] #01 Correct confiused HOST/TARGET references. Add cross-gcc-defaults references
[DIFF] 19:56 [INFO] IainLearmonth Formatting fixes, added links to Debian packages for libraries to be used where I could find them
[DIFF] 19:56 [INFO] ?PetterReinholdtsen
[DIFF] 19:56 [INFO] ?PetterReinholdtsen
[DIFF] 19:55 [INFO] ?PetterReinholdtsen
[DIFF] 19:55 [INFO] ?PetterReinholdtsen
[DIFF] 18:02 [INFO] JonasSmedegaard [1]
MechtildeStehmann [2]
#01 Revert to revision 35. Tools unsuitable due to reliance on proprietary protocols are unsuitable no matter if in Debian or not
[DIFF] 13:19 [INFO] PaulWise add more sudo
[DIFF] 06:32 [INFO] JanNiggemann fixed typo
[DIFF] 06:31 [INFO] JanNiggemann fix spelling, add reword info vagrant base boxes
[DIFF] 18:21 [INFO] ?karlschmidt
[DIFF] 18:06 [INFO] ?karlschmidt
[DIFF] 18:04 [INFO] ?karlschmidt
[DIFF] 17:58 [INFO] ?karlschmidt
[DIFF] 16:39 [INFO] wookey
[DIFF] 15:51 [INFO] LisandroDNPerezMeyer Fix typo
[DIFF] 15:01 [INFO] wookey
[DIFF] 14:57 [INFO] wookey Create page
[DIFF] 12:30 [INFO] FedericoCeratto Automated submission
[DELETED] 12:01 [INFO] LauraArjona [1-3] #01 Add annoucement for the meeting
#03 Add meeting for DebConf15 talk
[DIFF] 11:51 [INFO] LauraArjona Renamed from 'Teams/Publicity/Mee tings/2015-July'. Rename page to preserve order
[DELETED] 11:50 [INFO] LauraArjona Copied info in 2015-08-DebConf15 to preserve order
[DIFF] 11:49 [INFO] LauraArjona
[DIFF] 04:34 [INFO] GuillemJover Update version information


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