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[DIFF] 06:49 [INFO] ?dai [1-2] #01 footnote re-numbered
#02 maintainer back to libskk and ibus-skk development
[DIFF] 06:37 [INFO] ?dai closed upstream Qt5 issues
[DIFF] 06:18 [INFO] HectorOron [1]
PaulWise [2]
#02 another talk about Debian-based system images
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[DIFF] 02:43 [INFO] PaulWise add DebConf18
[DIFF] 01:09 [INFO] ?Benjamin Libinput driver article
[DIFF] 21:32 [INFO] ?VagrantCascadian document using sbuild to cross-build with prebuilt toolchains
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[DIFF] 14:08 [INFO] SamuelThibault
[DIFF] 13:02 [INFO] FrancescaCiceri fixed dead repository link (alioth → salsa)
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#02 headings
#03 About-- h2 l
#04 configuration1
#05 ##
#06 logo
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#01 update other link too
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[DIFF] 00:29 [INFO] ?NicholasDSteeves [1-3] #01 Add minor details for clarification, and change some formatting to make skimming easier
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[DIFF] 18:03 [INFO] ?DougTorrance mathic - fix for #903720
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[DIFF] 14:15 [INFO] PaulWise add NEW queue action stats
[DIFF] 06:31 [INFO] Donald Norwood
[DIFF] 21:01 [INFO] FabianRodriguez Simplified, some formatting and added SSL configuration
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[DIFF] 12:27 [INFO] josch [1-7] #01 Upload of attachment 'ros-order.sh'.
#02 Attachment 'ros-order.sh' deleted.
#03 Add the QA view
#04 Update package order
#05 Add instructions how to regenerate the table
#06 Upload of attachment 'ros-order.sh'.
#07 Remove packages from the old table that are now part of the auto-generated table
[DIFF] 02:56 [INFO] PaulWise Fair Web Services
[DIFF] 01:25 [INFO] PaulWise formatting typos
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#02 Automatically updated by ddtopic.pl
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[DIFF] 13:32 [INFO] GuillemJover Update links, use https and DebianBug macro
[DIFF] 13:16 [INFO] GuillemJover Update DDP team information for salsa migration
[DIFF] 12:58 [INFO] JonasSmedegaard [1]
?StefanMonnier [2]
#01 let's stuff even more comparison with XMPP into the Matrix entry (no, I personally think _both_ notes are better suited somewhere else!
[DIFF] 09:50 [INFO] jmtd additional dependencies to address, from bug update
[DIFF] 09:08 [INFO] EnricoRossi fix alioth -> salsa change
[DIFF] 07:05 [INFO] ?BartNotelaers [1-2]
[DIFF] 01:07 [INFO] StephenKeeling needs research.
[DIFF] 23:58 [INFO] RicardoCosta Changed a link prefix from pt to pt_BR
[DIFF] 23:56 [INFO] RicardoCosta Included the link to brazilian portuguese version of this page and inserted the Portuguese nonlink word in header
[DIFF] 23:56 [INFO] RicardoCosta Page with brazilian portuguese prefix
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[DIFF] 18:13 [INFO] ?DianeTrout
[DIFF] 18:04 [INFO] ?BartNotelaers
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[DIFF] 13:36 [INFO] ?GuillermoGaleanoFernández [1-3] #01 Corrected a misspelled word.
#02 Removed a extra CategoryPrinter added by mistake.
#03 Added to the CategoryPrinter and a observation on method 3 to take care if was installed rpm package.
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[DIFF] 11:34 [INFO] HolgerLevsen add Debian Edu sprint report
[DIFF] 07:05 [INFO] ?MoinMoi removed link to i3way, seems to have been vaporware
[DIFF] 02:15 [INFO] PaulWise [1-2] #01 https, update links
#02 link to donations page


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