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1. Do I need the Nozomi driver or do I need a USB serial driver? ANS: Check here (?Modem/3G/cards) to see what type of card you have and what drivers you need].

2. I have installed the Nozomi driver - where are my USB ports? ANS: Cards that need the Nozomi driver don't have USB ports. Instead the driver expects to see /dev/noz0, /dev/noz1, /dev/noz2, /dev/noz3. If the driver is installed then normally these entries will be created automatically when your card is plugged in. If they are not created then refer to the README that comes with the driver source.

3. Where do I get the USB drivers from? ANS: The USB drivers supplied with your Linux kernel should work fine. There are the standard USBserial or option drivers. Most USB based cards from Option now work out-of-the-box as the kernel (since 2.6.12) automatically identifies the card and loads the "option" driver. Before kernel 2.6.12 only the USB serial driver is available. For these older kernels read the Howtos to find out how configure the USB serial driver to work with these cards: Fusion and the older "classic" Vodafone 3G.

4. Can I choose which driver to use? ANS: NO. Your card is either a nozomi card or it is a USB card you cannot change the way it works.

5. I have a Vodafone 3G card - what driver do I need? ANS: All 3G cards supplied by Vodafone seem to be called "Vodafone 3G". You need to refer to the table here( Modem/3G/Cards) to find out which driver you need.

6. My card is not made by Option - what do I do? ANS: DON'T use the nozomi driver - it is only for Option nozomi cards. Check the manufacturer's website for information on Linux support.

7. _OPSYS does not work ANS: _OPSYS is for 3G cards made by Option. It does not work with Option's 2G cards, it does not work with any other manufacturer's cards. Check the manufacturer's website for information on Linux support.

8. Compiling the nozomi driver fails

ANS: If you get errors like this:Code: make -C /lib/modules/2.6.??-??-???/build SUBDIRS=/home/xplorer/Desktop/noz modules make: *** /lib/modules/2.6.??-??-???/build: No such file or directory. End. make: *** [default] error 2