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  * [[http://elektranox.org/n900/todo.html|Nokia N900]]   * [[pkg-n900|Nokia N900]]

There is no reason that Smartphones do not support Debian also. See also Smartphone wiki page which has similar content and should be considered for merging

This page is about to track every initiative to fully or partially install the system on mobile phones:



Many of the smartphone tasks are handled by the FreeSmartphone.Org (FSO) team:

Openmoko's FreeRunner is so far the device best supported:

Nokia's Maemo is based on Debian:

Also there is an ugly alternative to install Debian is to run it in a chroot dir:


Here are some people interested in running Debian on mobile devices.


IRC nick

Hardware owned

Willing to


Paul Wise


OpenMoko FreeRunner

Offer advice

Linux mainline support for the FR, QtMoko in Debian