BoF at DebConf18

BoF =


  1. Volunteers needed
    • take notes and send them to debian-mobile mailing list, IRC and wiki
    • take questions from IRC
  2. Hardware
  3. GUI/DE
    1. both GTK/Gnome libs and Qt are enhanced, partly related to Librem 5, e.g. libhandy
  4. Applications: What needs to be packaged or changed?
    1. Still desperately missing: OSMAnd+ like map application!

    2. pyLCI will be packaged (#871830) - no progress, partly because of ongoing upstream changes, partly because of DD laziness
  5. Infrastructure: TBD (same discussion as last year?)
    1. Do we need a "Debian mobile blend"? (e.g. to squeeze Packages.xz?)
    2. How can we tell users which applications are supposed to work on mobile devices (e.g. are running fine on a small screen)? Tags?