BoF at DebConf17

BoF =


  1. Volunteers needed
    • take notes and send them to debian-mobile mailing list and IRC
    • post on, that work on Debian on mobile devices continues
  2. Hardware
    • that can be supported by Debian (mainline Linux/etc only)
      1. ?PocketChip

      2. Pyra handheld (and gaming console), armhf
      3. ?ZeroPhone, uses Raspberry Pi Zero, therefore only armel, which will probably not in buster

    • Android hardware
      1. Samsung devices (Cascardo is working on this)
      2. Sony seems to mainline their work
      3. devices supported by Replicant (phones, tablets)
      4. Nexus devices, 5X, 5
      5. Halium

    • other interesting hardware
      1. older community driven devices like N900 and Openmoko (phones)
      2. Neo900 if it ever will be released
  3. Installation
    1. which devices have unlocked bootloaders?
      1. Can be worked around if Linux kernel isn't locked
  4. GUI/DE
    1. the simple graphical menu of ?PocketChip can run on other devices, but needs to be more flexible e.g. in respect to screen sizes etc.

    2. non-graphical: ?ZeroPhone uses pyLCI for a "Nokia style" text menu

    3. Enlightment
    4. GNOME
    5. Qt-based stuff, esp. Plasma mobile
  5. Applications: What needs to be packaged or changed?
    1. desperately missing: OSMAnd+ like map application!

    2. ?PocketChip menu will probably be packaged by Stephen

    3. pyLCI will be packaged (#871830)
  6. Infrastructure
    1. Do we need a "Debian mobile blend"? (e.g. to squeeze Packages.xz?)
    2. How can we tell users which applications are supposed to work on mobile devices (e.g. are running fine on a small screen)? Tags?


more than 50 people plus a working Pyra prototype and a working ?ZeroPhone prototype


(thanks to jathan for taking notes and sending them!)

Pushing Forward Debian Mobile BoF

armel is going to die (Doesn't affect Pyra, but does affect zerophone, because its core is raspberry pi zero)

(going through the agenda from