Supported Devices

Mobian primarily targets Linux-first devices, i.e. mobile devices made with the intent of running a Linux as the primary operating system, such as Pine64 devices and Purism's Librem 5. Those devices rely on software components widely used in the embedded software ecosystem, such as the u-boot bootloader and a (lightly patched) mainline Linux kernel. As such, their installation procedure is quite simple and similar to those used for other development boards and SBCs.

Supported Linux-first devices are currently:

Thanks to the work of the Linux mobile community, we are also able to support a few Android-based smartphones. Those can run a mainline kernel and usual Linux userspace software, however they still rely on the Android bootloader

To this day, officially supported Android devices are:

Mobian also provides experimental support for the following Android devices (Please be aware that the devices in experimental support likely only have "demonstration" support, and is not suitable for daily driving. Without further community development, these devices will not move into "daily driving status".):

x86-based devices are also supported. See here for installation instructions.

More supported devices will be added in the future, depending on mainline Linux support and hardware availability to the project's members.

If you own a device able to boot a mainline-based kernel (check the device status pages for other distros to see how feasible this is), we'd be extremely happy if you could contribute support for it in Mobian.