The Mobian project aims to bring Debian to mobile devices. Over time, the idea is to minimize the Mobian specific pieces by “upstreaming” customization to the original projects. It is maintained by 2 distinct (but overlapping) teams:

Wiki pages

See our FAQ page if you have questions.

For a list of supported devices, along with installation instructions for each one, see Supported Devices.

For a list of mobile-friendly apps, see the "What applications can I use for "X"?" section of our FAQ.

For instructions on how to do common things you may want to do with your Mobian device, see How-to.

For instructions on how to tweak common things you may want to tweak with on Mobian device, see Tweaks.

For information on accessibility, see Accessibility.

For information on hardware accessories for devices Mobian supports, see Hardware Accessories.

If you want to contribute to Mobian, see Contribute.



Project wiki: (old wiki, deprecated since Aug 2023:


IRC: #mobian on OFTC


Sources and development

Mobian vs Debian vs upstream:

Salsa: (for upstream development; deprecated for the Debian level of Mobian as of 2022-07-08):

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