Venue: College of Engineering, Pune(COEP).

Event Dates:30 and 31st July, 2016.


  1. Get the website live.Done(Needs regular Updation)

  2. Create a wiki page.Done

  3. Hold a volunteers meeting.
  4. Send sponsorship proposals.
  5. Announce Call for Proposal.(CfP)
  6. Design and Print stickers and T-shirts, CD Covers, Banner, Swags(Mugs, etc) for the event.
  7. Social Media Publicity.
  8. Finding good Catering Services and book them.
  9. Accomodation for Speakers.
  10. Pick up and co-ordination with Speakers coming from outside.
  11. Offline Publicity.(visiting Colleges)
  12. Venue Management.


  1. Raju Vindane (rajuvindane at cryptolab dot net)
  2. Saket Komawar (saketkomawar95 at gmail dot com)
  3. Aditya Karamchandani (adityabk1996 at gmail dot com)
  4. Sandeep Somanna (sandeep.somy at gmail dot com)
  5. Saloni Gandhi (salonig97 at gmail dot com)
  6. Aditya Malu ()
  7. Mangesh Divate(mr.mangesh at openmailbox dot org)
  8. Ravishankar Purne (ravismail96 at gmail dot com)
  9. Aarti Kashyap ( at gmail dot com)
  10. Akshay Sapkale (arsapkale7 at gmail dot com)
  11. Sagar Ippalpalli (isaagar at openmailbox dot org)
  12. Sanket Kapse ()


1. Web Team - takes care of the website

2. Publicity team - Keep people updated about the event, bring more people to the event.

3. Sponsorship team - bring Sponsors for the event

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