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 * Email: <<MailTo(miguel AT SPAMFREE miguel DOT cc)>>  * Email: <<MailTo(miguel@miguel.cc)>>
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 * JID/GTalk: nomadium@gmail.com  * JID/GTalk: <<MailTo(nomadium@gmail.com)>>

Miguel Landaeta

GPG: 4096R/0x6E608B637D8967E9

From: Caracas, Venezuela.

Member of Java Packaging Team, Debian Python Modules Team and Python Applications Packaging Team.

Alioth profile: account

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  • Grails :
    • grails

    • An open source web application framework which uses the Groovy programming language (which is in turn based on the Java platform). It is intended to be a high-productivity framework by following the "coding by convention" paradigm, providing a stand-alone development environment and hiding much of the configuration detail from the developer.
    • http://grails.org

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