migrating moinmoin 1.7 -> 1.9+

This is a list of action for the next migration (lenny -> squeeze!) (currently tested on http://wiki-debian-net.klabs.be/).

TODO / Ideas

Actual wiki Migration steps


  1. Get the list of EditedSystemPages.

  2. ?? what about links to TOC entries ... (#head-).


aptitude install --without-recommends python-flup python-tz python-xapian python-xappy poppler-utils
aptitude remove python-4suite-xml

#Estimated time for migration: ~~10minutes.
/srv/wiki.debian.org/bin/moin --config-dir=/srv/wiki.debian.org/etc/moin/ --wiki-url=wiki.debian.org migration data

Update /srv/wiki.debian.org/bin/moin.wsgi :

import sys
sys.path.insert(0, '/srv/wiki.debian.org/etc/moin')
#from MoinMoin.server.server_wsgi import moinmoinApp
from MoinMoin.web.serving import make_application
#application = moinmoinApp
application = make_application(shared=True)

Update /srv/wiki.debian.org/etc/moin/wikiconfig.py (Ideally, we should keep ?DefaultConfig.password_checker):

diff --git a/etc/moin/wikiconfig.py b/etc/moin/wikiconfig.py
index 5dea400..f53a88b 100644
--- a/etc/moin/wikiconfig.py
+++ b/etc/moin/wikiconfig.py
@@ -50,11 +50,11 @@ class Config(DefaultConfig):
     # Spammers
     hosts_deny = local_secrets.hosts_deny
-    def password_checker(username, passwd):
+    def password_checker(request, username, passwd):
         result = local_secrets.password_checker(username, passwd)
         if result != None:
             return result
-        return DefaultConfig.password_checker(username, passwd)
+        return None
     password_checker = staticmethod(password_checker)

Update wiki underlay:

  1. Drop/rename /srv/wiki.debian.org/var/moin/underlay/pages/
  2. import moin-1.9 underlay ( cp -R /usr/share/moin/underlay/pages /srv/wiki.debian.org/var/moin/underlay/)

  3. Using a ?SuperUser account, Navigate to LanguageSetup, and install some(??) languages packs.

Post upgrade

migrating moinmoin 1.5 -> 1.7

The system hosting the wiki has been migrated to Lenny, so Moinmoin was upgraded (DebianWiki/MigratedToMoinmoin17).

The purpose of this page was to prepare and track that migration of the wiki.

Wiki Configuration

Wiki Content

OLD wiki.debian.net migration


Cleanup Project

I've been going through a bunch of the pages and reformatting them for ?KWiki. (I got half-way through ?OliverGeorge but got tired, and gave up.) Anyway, please join in and cleanup any pages that need cleaning. If you find a page that needs cleaning, but don't have time, just tag it CleanMe. If you're looking for something to do, search for CleanMe and go fix one of those. --MichaelIvey This text was formerly on ?NewsCleanup.. but i'am cleaning that too ;)




Sat Sep 8 11:24:53 UTC 2007

Fri Sep 7 21:32:00 UTC 2007

Sun Aug 5 11:51:00 UTC 2007

Sat Oct 8 00:03:05 UTC 2005: wiki.debian.net content is converted over, wiki.debian.net is now permanently read-only, and will soon start to http-redirect people to here --Jeroen