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* Convert markup (see below) * Convert markup (see below).

Status of wiki.debian.net migration


  • Mon 5 Sep 2005, 17:41:14 UTC: [http://wiki.wolffelaar.nl wiki.wolffelaar.nl] is the output of my [http://www.wolffelaar.nl/~jeroen/kwiki2moinmoin/ current version of conversion scripts] -- not much in the way of markup conversion, but revision history etc is there. Help with markup conversion badly wanted (in perl, please) --["Jeroen"]

  • [http://wiki.debian.net wiki.debian.net] is read-only (Update: as long as conversion isn't ready yet to be done, it's read/write again), and a dump of the database is [http://people.debian.org/~ivey available]

  • A script to convert the RCS files into moin moin revision files is fairly easy and will be done by ["Jeroen"].
  • A script to convert the markup from kwiki to moin moin needs to be written, see below.
  • establish copyright/licencing situation for old and new sites (?WikiLicencingTerms) (sorry)


* Convert markup (see below). * Test [http://wiki.wolffelaar.nl wiki.wolffelaar.nl] to spot problems in the conversion scripts by ["Jeroen"].

Convert markup

Any snippets appreciated. Todo:

  • Headers have now also a trailing set of ='s
  • Bold/italic/underscore are different
  • wikiwords that are not StudlyCaps are now ["Likethis"] instead of [Likethis]

  • All the rest